The Challenge of Eviction: Working With a Tenant Screening Agency Remains Best Practice; Opines

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Evictions and laws related to evictions continue to appear in the news and the related challenge of evictions should alert landlords and property managers to work with a well-qualified tenant screening agency in order to remain fully compliant with law. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of opines: “Laws governing evictions frequently change and a best practice remains for property managers and landlords to work with a tenant screening agency in order to remain compliant with law.”

Tenant Reports Include Credit Checks, Credit Score, Criminal History, Eviction Records and Leasing Recommendations.

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Especially in these times of continuous change in law effecting the tenant applicant selection process it is still a best practice to work with a professional third-party tenant screening agency.

Eviction law changes frequently and as one of the more emotional issues facing society today often remains in the headlines. “Eviction is a challenge to landlords and property managers alike,” opines Adam Almeida, President and CEO of, “and a best practice is to work with a well-qualified third-party tenant screening agency. This is the case as many evictions can be avoided by implementing an in-depth tenant check prior to leasing. Finding out the truth about an applicant before they become a tenant can help avoid the possibility of future evictions."

Recent actions in Philadelphia have called for a new bill regarding evictions.

From (Dec. 07, 18):

Following harrowing stories from evicted community members, and calls of support from local activists, city council members unanimously passed a bill Thursday that requires landlords to have “good cause” before evicting tenants from their properties.

The bill, which passed in a 17-0 vote late Thursday, prohibits landlords from evicting their tenants unless there is “good cause” to do so, meaning they have habitually not paid rent, they refuse to agree to an increased rent, they cause a nuisance, or other similar stipulations. (1)

Almeida states: “Evictions on a basic level are an emotional issue, but when evictions involve race there are additional complexities.”

From (Nov 10, 18):

What happens during an eviction couldn't seem more straightforward: A tenant doesn't have the money to make rent, so the landlord gives him or her the boot.

New research, however, is complicating that picture of eviction in America. It's not only a matter of poverty. It's also a matter of race. (2)

An example of a recent law change that will affect landlords and property managers is in Ohio. This new action changes how days are counted regarding eviction notice. The new bill would include Weekends and Holidays, a move that has not gone unnoticed.

From an editorial posted to (Dec 12, 18):

It's a logical rule of thumb for the service of any legal document: Weekends and holidays don't count. Why not? Because most government offices aren't open.

That's why the Ohio legislature's blatant lame-duck effort to do the bidding of the state's landlords by speeding up evictions through a bill that would make it mandatory to count Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in eviction-notice and sheriff-eviction deadlines is so outrageous. (3)

“ is a third-party tenant screening agency that can assist any property manager or landlord in creating a fully compliant tenant screening policy,” Almeida states, “Especially in times of continuous change in law a best practice remains to work with a well-qualified third-party tenant screening agency.” is a third-party tenant screening company available to provide all the data and information a property manager requires in making a sound decision on a potential tenant. With a well-trained and highly dedicated staff, can conduct and compile all reference verification all while keeping data safe and secure.


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