The Dancing Panda Trend unleashed with Indian Trap's latest release! CUARENTENA (NA NA NA)

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More about the latest release by Indian Trap and the buzz online of the Dancing Panda trend part of the Indian Trap movement propagated by the Indian Trap team, including himself, Tejasvita Negi, and more. There has been a buzz online about a dancing panda. From online chatroom shares, to public social platforms, this dancing panda video has taken the internet by storm.

Cuarentena (na na na) is the Quarantine Release by Indian Trap. Indian Trap is a hugely popular artist from iTrap Records who has released multiple hits featuring artists such as KresZenzia, Chris Scholar, Vivaswan, Tyeler Reign, and more. Cuarentena (na na na) is one of Indian Trap’s latest hit-on-hit releases shaking the music industry one after the other. It features Max Cortés and the Madhouse and is a hilariously relatable spanish trap song about the Quarantine issued by several states over the spread of COVID19 and the boredom of being stuck at home. The song’s timely release and massive social media push resulted in huge success. The song is on the Spotify top 50 lists all over the world, and its reach keeps growing.

Cuarentena(na na na) is amassing this success not only through the absolute dope-ness of this song, but also through a well-timed campaign. It recently released the paired lyrical video for Cuarentena (na na na) which you can check out on Youtube. Already trending over and over because of a popular dancing panda, this is one the freshest, most exciting music video released. We ask Indian Trap and Tejasvita Negi, the graphic designer and animator for most of the visual content released by the team about the success behind the Cuarentena (na na na) campaign.

Q: How did Cuarentena (na na na) come about?
Indian Trap: The song came about at the beginning of the quarantine when it first began hitting us how most of us are limited to what we can do during this time. So the intention of the song was to enjoy the quarantine and make it not only fun and productive as a process for us, but to bring this entertainment and fun to the people.

Q: Did you expect the success Cuarentena (na na na) has achieved?
Indian Trap: We actually had no idea it would do this well, and it is doing extremely well. It is in the Spotify top 50 charts all over the world and still growing. We wanted to do something different and interesting for the lyrical video. And that’s where Tejasvita comes in with her expertise.

Q:What was the process behind the music video?
Tejasvita: Well, we were looking into trends earlier, keeping up with what is most popular during the time. Initially there were two routes that the video was going to take - one purely relatable in boredom or just absolutely fun -But seeing how lasting the quarantine was going to be, and keeping in the theme of the song, to entertain, we decided to go the fun route. Initially we were wondering if we should go down the ‘Tiger King: Joe Exotic & Carole Baskin’ trend, but really I realised something ever-loved should be the base of this whole campaign, which is why we chose to look for a theme around cute, funny animals. After that, it was just about scouring the internet for the best, funniest animal video.

Q:Why a focus on animals, Tejasvita?
Tejasvita: I work with a lot of companies, and when we decided on being a source of fun, encouragement, and excitement with this video, I knew we had to keep in theme by combining both dance videos and ridiculous animal videos. Animal videos draw in anyone. Everyone usually goes with people-focused content due to relatability. Through research, observation, and seeing my own content consumption during the quarantine I asked the question, ‘Why not animals?’ They are the most popular subject online, after babies.

Q:Did you predict the dancing panda trend?
Tejasvita: Well we really focused on the entire video being a balance, but the dancing Panda (who coincidentally was the star of the video for us) took off. We decided to capitalize on the dancing panda strength as well and based our campaign around its hilarity. It has been hugely popular with over 20 million impressions on facebook, growing day by day.

Q:Did you know you were going to be a part of something so big?
Tejasvita: It feels absolutely amazing to be a part of this and the Indian Trap team; I never in my wildest dreams imagined being a part of something so big. The Indian Trap sound is so unique, and my skillset works so well with it in combining my indian traditional perspective with the popular art media scene not only in the U.S. but all over the world - it feels almost serendipitous to be a part of it all. It only encourages me further to push my boundaries and explore content creation more freely and bringing it to a wide audience, Indian Trap being popular all over the world.

Q:What’s next for Indian Trap?
Indian Trap: We are so glad the whole team worked together in unison creating such an amazing campaign, pushing the dancing panda, and giving the Indian Trap movement an even bigger push. We are only beginning, the World has a lot more of the Indian Trap magic coming its way.

Check out more about Tejasvita on her social media @tejasvitanegi on twitter and instagram, or visit her website at

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