The Dinosaurs Got By without Dental Hygiene but People Can’t says A-Z Dental Care

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The West Covina-based dental office comments on a recent article that protecting one’s teeth should always be the goal but patients have options should ailments develop.

Assuming you're not a dinosaur and are a human being, regular dental visits are essential.

Prevention should be the goal for all patients and stresses healthy choices along with routine checkups.

A November 30th article on MSN reports that a known species of carnivorous dinosaur, Majungasaurus, is believed to have been capable of naturally replacing its teeth in as little as two months. This rate, more akin to sharks than the Majungasaurus’ peer species of dinosaurs, far outpaced any other known rate of tooth replacement in dinosaurs and is hypothesized to be due to the massive carnivore’s propensity to gnaw on bones. West Covina-based dental center A-Z Dental Care says that while dinosaurs may have been able to replace their teeth more than once, humans only get a baby set and a permanent adult set: once the latter set is gone, there is no natural replacement and that means good dental hygiene is a must.

A-Z Dental Care notes that unlike the Majungasaurus and so many other animals, people do not usually gnaw on bones, which easily grind down teeth. However, the dental center points out that plenty of its patients possess habits that are not always the most oral-health friendly. For example, the office mentions a variety of foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, candy and sweets in both liquid and solid forms that can wreak havoc on a patient’s teeth if consumed regularly with minimal or negligent dental hygiene habits. The center notes that the risk for tooth maladies related to acidic food and sweets does decrease when individuals exhibit proper dental hygiene, though limiting the consumption of such foods and beverages surely will not hurt either. The center adds that regular dental checkups are crucial as well because skilled dentists are likely to spot potential ailments before they have a chance to develop into a painful and potentially very harmful condition which, unfortunately, can also occur among patients who take great care of their teeth.

A-Z Dental Care says that patients who do lose a tooth are not entirely out of luck. Dental implants can replace teeth that have been lost for any number of reasons. The clinic says that the process can be lengthy but, once it is complete, patients can enjoy the use of a tooth that looks and functions almost identically to their original tooth. Nevertheless, the clinic says that prevention should be the goal for all patients and stresses healthy choices along with routine checkups.

The dental center adds that while we can’t naturally replace our adult teeth, unlike dinosaurs people have plenty of options for prevention and dealing with dental ailments should they develop. A-Z Dental Care says that treatments such as root canals can rid a tooth of infection while preserving the vital root of a tooth. The center notes that it can perform surgical extractions as well as provide various medications for conditions such as chronic oral pain. It adds that all of these procedures can be performed while keeping patients comfortable with the involvement of an experienced and knowledgeable dentist.

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