The importance of Telepresence solution in Healthcare industries amidst COVID-19 pandemic

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Ecosmob Technologies, one of the best providers of customised VoIP solutions with a client-centric approach, announces its new Telepresence solutions for Healthcare industries.

It is highly beneficial during the present Coronaviruses pandemic. During the current scenario, when every city is under lockdown. The telepresence solution will help you in getting contact with doctors from your home.

The importance of Telepresence solution in Healthcare industries amidst COVID-19 pandemic Ecosmob’s Telepresence solutions are built with the mission to help various stakeholders of the healthcare industry, including doctors, patients, and health insurance providers, to connect through audio, text, and video conferencing from any location.

Ecosmob Technologies is one of the prime names in the VoIP development domain. It is assisting businesses and enterprises to get connected with the team from any remote location and make on-spot decisions. Ecosmob has now come up with a Telepresence solution for the Healthcare sector to accelerate the growth of healthcare industries.

Maulik Shah, the CEO, and Founder of Ecosmob Technologies, said, “Our telepresence solution is built on the VoIP solution that we offer to the Healthcare industries. We have come up with a Telepresence solution to remove communication gaps in the healthcare sector because of COVID-19 pandemic and to help Healthcare industries to deliver high customer satisfaction and generate more revenue.”

Technological innovations have always been a helping hand for humans to fight from any epidemic. It has always brought a solution to faded off any sort of obstacles. It is also assisting us during the Coronavirus pandemic. Two innovative gifts of technology, video conferencing software and Telepresence solutions are helping businesses and several sectors to be less affected by this catastrophic situation.

Coronavirus is turning the graph of the world economy. Lockdown in several parts has saturated the dynamic economy. The businesses of several sectors are declining and are facing financial crises. Cease in physical gatherings has resulted in the communication gap. However, the telepresence solution is assisting in filling this gap and helping people and businesses to be in contact with each other.

The telepresence solution is playing an essential role in the healthcare industry. It is transforming the traditional way of medication and is bringing innovative ways to handle patient problems. It is also making the operation of hospitals more flexible.

Scope of Telepresence solution in the Healthcare industry

Telepresence solution has wide scope in the Healthcare industry. However, before knowing about its importance in the healthcare industry, let us know what a telepresence solution is?

A telepresence solution is a software that can be installed on your mobiles, computers, and laptops. It uses microphones, speakers, cameras, monitors, and high-speed internet. It makes a person virtually present at any remote location.

Role of Telepresence solution in the Health industry

Several sectors are making use of telepresence solution software. Several stakeholders of the Healthcare industry including doctors, patients and health insurance providers are making use of Telepresence solutions. Latest advancement in technology has made it much easier to use telepresence solutions wisely in the healthcare sector. Now doctors can use telepresence solutions to connect with patients and business partners. Patients can use it to consult with doctors and get expert advice from their homes. Health insurance providers can use it to do meetings with clients and discuss with them the benefits of health insurance.

Telepresence solution software is highly important in the present coronavirus pandemic because now all streets are locked down. People are advised to stay at their home. In this situation, getting physically in touch with the surgeon or medical specialists is impossible. Therefore, the Telepresence solution is the best companion of yours because it makes you have video conferencing with doctors located in any part of the world and assists you in curing yourself and your family from adverse effects of the virus.

Features of Telepresence solution

1. Recording patient data - The telepresence solution is highly secure. You can save personalized information of your patients and clients, and use them whenever required. It also helps in keeping the record of accomplishment of the performance of hospital staff and taking appropriate actions against persons not performing well.

2. Recording and scheduling - Telepresence software helps in recording the conversation between the two parties. It also provides a reminder about appointments with clients and helps in scheduling meetings.

3. Remote management - Remote management is one of the most important features of telepresence software. It helps in managing the complete workforce from a remote location. Doctors can handle their various clinics located at different places. They can advise patients at any location by being present virtually.

4. Data sharing - Telepresence solution also assists in sharing data and important reports at any remote location.

5. One to one chat - Telepresence solution provides a platform where various Healthcare industry professionals can do one to one chat in various modes including audio, video, and text.

Why to prefer the Telepresence solution over a normal phone call?

Telepresence solutions are better than normal phone calls in several ways. By using telepresence solution, you can get connected to several users at a time and do video conferencing. It also assists you in recording the meetings and scheduling meetings. It also offers an opportunity to connect doctors with patients by using various modes including text, audio and video calls. It is more secure than normal phone calls and cannot be hacked easily.

Benefits of telepresence solution in the Healthcare industry

There are a plethora of benefits which telepresence solutions are offering to the healthcare sector. These Benefits include-

1. Maintaining patients history and client records
2. Conducting meetings from remote locations
3. Recording conversations with clients
4. Scheduling meetings with patients and clients
5. Improving the quality of services
6. Gives competitive advantage
7. Saving time, money, and resources.
8. Helping physically disabled persons in getting contact with doctors from their home.
9. Bringing a smile on the faces of patients who are hospitalized for a long duration.
10. Making the healthcare industry more technologically sound.

The Healthcare industry has started making use of telepresence solutions to make medical facilities reach people at ease. If you are also interested in implementing the telepresence solution in your hospital or clinic, then feel free to contact us at Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited. We provide customised telepresence solution software according to your needs and help in setting up software at your workplace.

For more information and enquiries on Ecosmob’s Telepresence Solution for Healthcare Industry, reach our experts at +1 303 997 3139 or email: sales(at), or visit our website

About Ecosmob Technologies:

Ecosmob Technologies was founded in 2007 to provide its enterprise customers high-quality, enterprise-grade IT solutions and services. The company uses cutting-edge technology to deliver a range of services including VoIP Development, Mobile Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing and more.

Since inception, Ecosmob has adopted a customer-centric approach to serve its global clientele and has successfully addressed various business requirements with premium quality VoIP, Mobile and Web solutions.

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