The Kessela Physique is the New Ab Workout for Busy Lives

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Kessela revolutionized the way at-home abdominal workouts are done, changing it from crunches on the floor to a 30 minute slimming session. The Kessela Physique targets the stubborn stomach fat over the core, as well as strengthens the ab muscles, all combined into a design that allows for mobile, handsfree multitasking. It’s the first to integrate the two technologies of EMS and Red Light Therapy together in one seamless design.

Combined together, the Kessela Physique created the perfect two-pronged approach to a perfect core.”

Every year our lives get busier, yet working out has not adapted to accommodate a full schedule. Putting life on hold for several hours a day to work out can be a daunting task and for some, it’s the reason they fall behind or struggle to continue a healthy lifestyle. The Physique by Kessela offers the powerful convenience of multitasking while working out, the perfect compliment to those with busy lives. The two-in-one belt uses carefully attuned electrical stimulus to work ab muscles, known as Electric Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, in combination with professional-grade red light therapy. Clinical studies have shown the benefits of red light in aiding and increasing blood flow, reducing fat and helping muscles heal. The Physique tones and slims while leaving hands free to go about daily tasks.

“I have always advocated for using technology to benefit our daily lives, especially when it comes to fitness,” says James Knight, Co-founder of Kessela. “When creating Kessela, we discussed the most common issues faced when working out the core. First, we had to get rid of the stubborn stomach fat, and then to tone. There is no point in having perfect abs hidden under layers of fat. There was no product on the market which addressed both concerns; they either toned or slimmed. We made it our mission to research and develop a device to do both. We combined complimentary treatments in a safe and effective way, and the Kessela Physique was born! EMS technology is clinically proven to tone muscles, while light therapy in specific wavelengths in the red and infrared has shown to be effective in achieving weight loss. Combined together, the Kessela Physique created the perfect two-pronged approach to a perfect core.”

Another cool feature of the Kessela Physique? Its flexibility. Flexibility to use the red light therapy as a stand alone treatment, or to pair it with the ab crunching EMS. But most importantly, the flexibility to work out when your schedule may not allow you to get to the gym. With a recommended session time of 30 minutes, or up to an hour of the Red-Light mode, conference calls, cooking dinner, or even an episode or two of a show can all be done while you slim your core. Nine settings allow users to pick the exact level of intensity desired at any time. Keep the settings low and let it work your abs gently in the background while you tend to other things, or crunch your abs to the max on higher settings.

The Kessela Physique is called an “all in one” device. The technologies behind its two main features have a broad range of uses and benefits. EMS is widely used in medical fields to mimic the way our bodies exercise, and to improve circulation throughout the body. Professional athletes have begun to turn to the precision of EMS, as it can help tone and firm exact muscle groups, making training more accurate. Specific frequencies of red light are used by professionals around the world, ranging from skin care, hair loss, pain relief, and even repairing damaged muscles and tissue. Kessela brings solutions from these medical and professional-grade technologies to the home market.

“While the Light Therapy industry is still relatively new, the wide range of benefits it provides are beginning to be recognized.” says Jesse Atkinson, the Chief Operating Officer of Kessela with over 8 years of experience in the light therapy industry. “Long term studies have now been done to show how the use of red light can target parts of the body that other technologies have not been able to, like cells and stomach fat”. Being one of the fastest growing industries of the last decade, light therapy has begun to take form in the home market, and now, Kessela makes these proven benefits accessible to everyone. The future of fitness is now at your doorstep.

Whether you’re a busy mom, a full-time student, or have a schedule where you can’t get to the gym as often as you would like, don’t fall behind. Ab workouts are now as easy as putting on a belt and pressing a button; and can be done anytime, anywhere. With the Kessela Physique, experience more than just toning by going beyond the muscles to the fat that is often overlooked. The painless, non-invasive technology of red light therapy is an easy once-a-day treatment for healthy muscle growth and a flat beautiful core.

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