The Lipo Group Introduces Signature Packages, Making Liposuction a Seamless and Affordable Experience in New York

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The Lipo Group Introduces Signature Packages, Making Liposuction a Seamless and Affordable Experience in New York One of the most trending body enhancement procedures is now within New Yorkers’ reach, providing flawless, naturally-looking results for men and women, restoring their optimal confidence levels and desired silhouette.

The Lipo Group is a leading expert in body contouring procedures in New York, delivering exceptional outcomes by utilizing the minimally-invasive and innovative techniques of liposuction. Since its founding, the clinic has been implementing the latest liposuction approach, rendering premium comfort for the patient and patented methods in body enhancements to help achieve individual aesthetic goals. Now, the clinic offers patented procedure packages, making the combination treatments more affordable and customized to patients seeking body contouring. The offer includes the Nova package focusing on Lipo360, the Vixen package - the signature Mommy Makeover - with Lipo360, tummy tuck, breast correction, and the Penelope package referred to as the Mini Mommy Makeover with Lipo360, mini tuck, and fat transfer.

“Our secret lies in our ability to connect wholeheartedly with the patient, to understand the various concerns that the stubborn fat often triggers, and provide the best solutions and appropriate knowledge that will ultimately lead to long-lasting, beautiful effects,” explains one of the practicing surgeon’s at The Lipo Group, “In the world of aesthetic medicine, board certification is sadly not enough to initiate a smile on a patient’s face when they take the first look into the mirror. Effective liposuction requires additional expert skills, an artistic eye that is almost always an inner instinct, superb precision, and the implementation of techniques that sufficiently minimize the post-operative side effects, such as pain and swelling. Only then can we deliver state-of-the-art results of safe and aesthetically-pleasing body contouring,” adds the expert.

How to effortlessly slim the belly and give the figure hourglass proportions? The question reigns on the internet, social media, and plastic surgery clinics, including The Lipo Group, which has performed hundreds of prizewinning liposuction procedures. The answer is quite simple yet very promising in the modern aesthetic medicine industry. Liposuction is a surgical miracle, getting rid of inches that draconian diets or hectoliters of sweat poured out at the gym cannot tackle. By combining relevant techniques and procedures, the makeover is intensified, guaranteeing outstanding results.

The general health of a potential patient is the first determinant for the treatment’s candidacy. Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure but rather a way to reduce fat deposits in otherwise healthy individuals with a relatively average and stable weight. Equally important is introducing healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle after the treatment to promote its longevity and best long-term results.

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