The Main Reasons Why Seniors Are More Expensive To Insure

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"As we get older, or hearing and sight gradually diminish. A senior driver presents a higher probability of being involved in an accident", said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that explains why seniors drivers pay more for car insurance.

Just like teens, seniors are considered a higher risk for car insurance companies. But the reasons are totally different.

As people get older, their bodies become frailer. This increases the probability of being killed during a crash. An injury or bone damage that may have not caused much damage to a fit body, may now cause serious complications which can lead to death. Involvement in fatal crashes is higher among drivers ages 70‒74 and are highest among drivers ages 85 and older. Insurance companies are aware of that. This is the top reason for considering seniors high-risk.

After reaching the sixties, insurers start to increase rates. This is strictly correlated to all official data released by CDC. The Center For Disease Control and Prevention states that the following factors will negatively impact a senior’s driving performance:

  • Reduced vision. This is one of the most common problems for elder drivers.
  • Poorer cognitive functioning. Seniors are less likely to analyze a sudden hazardous situation really fast.
  • Changes in physical functioning, such as arthritis or a weaker bladder.
  • Use of prescription medications. Some drugs will induce somnolence, dizziness and other narcotic effects.

Hearing and sight gradually become impaired. Seniors begin not to hear high pitched tones, like the ones produced by police cars, firefighter cars or railroad warnings. Visual acuity is also affected. Elderly should periodically schedule hearing and vision exams, to make sure that they are still capable of driving.

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