The Naderi Center for Cosmetic Surgery Specialists Explains the Importance of Specialization in Cosmetic Surgery -- COSMETIC SURGERY: Defining the True Meaning of Specialization

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Cosmetic surgeries and procedures are more popular today than ever before. Since so much information and so many options are now available to prospective patients all over the internet, television, radio, and social media, it can be difficult for patients to decide where to go for specific treatments. At The Naderi Center for Cosmetic Surgery Specialists, Dr. Shervin Naderi and his colleagues believe that specialization is essential when it comes to a truly successful face or body treatment. Specialization can lead to optimal results and make a treatment worthwhile. Unfortunately, many cosmetic surgeons advertise themselves as specialists when they are actually a “jack of all trades.”

“Our doctor is specialized” is a phrase that is casually being used by many medical practices, even when doctors advertise a laundry list of procedures. If a cosmetic surgeon promotes themselves as a facelift specialist but also performs Brazilian butt lifts and rhinoplasty, they are likely not a true specialist. We encourage men and women who are interested in a specific cosmetic procedure to do their research and take their time before deciding on a surgeon.

“It’s all about doing some soul-searching as a surgeon and deciding what you truly enjoy and are best at performing. It also takes one to not be greedy and sometimes send patients to other doctors that can better achieve their cosmetic surgery goals,” explains double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and founder of The Naderi Center for Cosmetic Surgery Specialists, Dr. Shervin Naderi.

The Naderi Center for Cosmetic Surgery Specialists is the only practice in the country where patients will find board-certified plastic surgeons and board-certified facial plastic surgeons who have joined together to each focus their surgical skills on certain procedures and areas of the body. For instance, Dr. Shervin Naderi is the only surgeon in the world who exclusively performs rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery. He performs 3 to 10 rhinoplasty surgeries each week on patients from the Washington DC area and those who travel from across the country and world to see him.

Dr. Jessica Kulak is a facial rejuvenation surgeon who only performs a few select procedures including facelifts and eyelid surgery. Dr. Erica Anderson, a former professor at Emory University, is a breast and body specialist, whose sole focus is cosmetic and reconstructive surgery on the breasts and body. Although each surgeon has their own specialties, our surgeons often work together in the same operating room on the same patient. This allows patients to reap the benefits of three
“ultra-specialized” surgeons doing what they do best.

The next time a surgeon you’re considering refers to themselves as a specialist, be sure to dig a little deeper to make sure that’s the truth. For more information on the specialists at The Naderi Center for Cosmetic Surgery Specialists, or to schedule a consultation,contact us today.

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