The Nuts and Bolts (and Qubits) of Quantum Computing: BNC Academy launches NEW online training course

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What is (and isn't) Quantum Computing? Resembling the quantum states they exploit to run highly advanced algorithms, quantum computers are simultaneously known for what they are, and what they are not. To the outside world looking in, quantum computers are devices of science fiction, made of chrome-plated novelty, and are far beyond a layman's understanding. To those who drive the science behind their development, they are very real, due for real-world application, and are ultimately the product of around 120 years of research and development. One impression is universally understood, however: they have the potential to revolutionize the technological world around us.

BNC Academy launches NEW online training course

What does our QC01 Offer?
You will get to see quantum computing from its beginnings to today, what it is and what
it isn’t, who the players are, how you can get your hands on it, what you can potentially
expect in the future, and even how to get a job in the field. This course will introduce
you to concepts without diving in too deep. We will explain how quantum computing
works, and how it works differently than traditional computing based on bits.
We will look at:

● What quantum computing is—a slightly deeper dive into the technology
● How quantum computing and classical computing differ
● A brief look at quantum mechanics
● The hardware levels involved
● An overview of quantum computing models and platforms
● The applications that will thrive
● What the future will likely hold
● How to gain hands-on experience
● What career paths are available

Just how many qubits will it take for quantum computers to reach their potential? When will they enable rolling out
the right pharmaceuticals, establishing the ultimate cybersecurity and cryptography solutions? When will it be able to fulfill the promise of being the ultimate optimization tool? Is there a tool that can tell us how the number of qubits will explode in an orderly fashion—similar, for example, to Moore’s Law? Enroll now and gain early valuable insights into these exciting questions!

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