The RejuvenationGO!™ Wins the 2020 Health Award for Innovation for Aesthetic Audio Systems, Inc.

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On-demand video journeys from a stress-free sanctuary that is helping the healthcare industry fight fatigue and Covid-19 burnout for clinical teams

The Innovative and Award Winning RejuvenationGO!

This is just what the doctor ordered, and I'm deeply proud to be a part of this project. I'm also thrilled to announce that this month alone, an additional 19 units are on their way to one of the areas hit hardest by this health crisis, New York City and its surrounding metropolitan area.

During these times of gut-wrenching uncertainty, it should come as a surprise to none that healthcare workers from all sectors are exhausted and overwhelmed as they continue to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. One study after another corroborates mounting concern that the stress and pressure of delivering healthcare in this tumultuous time-period are running medical professionals ragged both mentally and physically.

Medical professionals always appreciate platitudes rooted in gratitude, but accessible rejuvenation and respite are desperately needed to combat body and mind fatigue. Enter the 2020 winner of the International Academy for Design and Health Award for Innovation, The Rejuvenation Station!™, a personal sound-proof guided meditation pod that has demonstrated reducing stress in high-stress healthcare environments.

The Design and Health International Academy Awards has a significant influence on the design and development of salutogenic environments that support health, well-being, and quality of life worldwide. This year, the program comprises eleven categories across the key areas of international health delivery and the prestigious Lifetime Leadership Award. Recipients of the awards are teams and individuals who have contributed to the progress of knowledge and demonstrated vision and leadership in exemplary initiatives within the field through outstanding efforts.

The judging panel consisted of a group of independent specialists from around the world. Each guru was an authority in their arena equipped with multidisciplinary backgrounds in research and practice. A lead judge appraised each award's winners in conjunction with two proven experts in their field. The award recommendations are then endorsed and made official by a second jury of advisors from the International Academy for Design and Health, chaired by Gunther De Graeve.

The Rejuvenation Station emerged from months of clinical testing with a demonstrable positive effect just weeks before Covid-19 arrived. The pandemic brought distribution limitations with it, which ultimately became opportunities for innovation and challenged the designers to create The RejuvenationGO!™, a similar offering that is portable, protects workers from the virus, and is more cost-effective. The RejuvenationGO! offers the same programming experience for healthcare workers as its predecessor, functioning as a personal and portable, self-contained guided meditation kiosk (

Although in short supply, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a proven measure that medical professionals can take to protect themselves from physical harm. What else is needed is the next evolutionary step and what co-inventor of The RejuvenationGO! David Corbin refers to as "E-PPE" (Emotional Personal Protective Equipment), which safeguards staff from psychological stressors.

Once a session is selected, stressed and tired workers enjoy a short video journey choreographed to sonic audio experiences designed to evoke the relaxation response. On-demand relaxation is rooted in biophilia's healing science (our instinctual love of nature) and the experience of awe. The result is a multitude of senses getting stimulated simultaneously in just 3-8 minutes, and when the rest-quest concludes, rejuvenation awakens.

The RejuvenationGO! was developed in concert with healthcare leaders, Emmy winning composers and award-winning cinematographers, and animators. The team was confident in its therapeutic value but needed results to validate its revitalization viability. In the three-month trial in the ED department of Houston Methodist Medical Center, staff reported on their levels of stress before and after experiencing each journey. This trial resulted in a statistically significant stress reduction.

Excited to share their message with the medical masses, the designers were caught off-guard by the covid-curveball. Originally a 'walk-in pod,' it had to be modified to contest a potentially problematic enclosed air environment. The remedy was an interactive multimedia touchscreen on a rolling kiosk, complete with high-quality noise-cancellation headsets with disposable ear-pad covers for hygienic safety. These alterations made it portable, ergonomic, and easy to sanitize between each use. The Rejuvenation Go! is also equipped with an easily retrievable online data collection program that assesses each user's experience analytics. Statistical categories like time spent, specific journeys experienced, and before and after mood measurable's are all available online for easy access.

The innovation behind combining art and technology to an emerging healthcare need earned the Rejuvenation Station this prestigious award. The RejuvenationGO! was born just in time to provide needed relief for our healthcare providers. They are thrilled to offer this new innovative therapeutic product to organizations with frontline heroes who are the backbone of our country's long-term health and safety.

"I have dedicated the last forty years to designing a healing environment for patients, staff, and families. I believe the Rejuvenation Station and RejuvenationGO! will play an essential part in the pursuit of that end", said Annette Ridenour, Co-Founder of Aesthetic Audio Systems Inc., President of Aesthetics, Inc., and Founding Board Member of the National Organization for Arts in Health. She humbly accepted the award on their behalf, commenting that "During these trying times, we are delighted with the overwhelming support we have received with our RejuvenationGO! We have witnessed many generous people step up and show their gratitude for the heroic healthcare workers who have exhibited such unwavering bravery and resilience."

Co-inventor David M. Corbin added, "This is just what the doctor ordered, and I'm deeply proud to be a part of this project. I'm also thrilled to announce that this month alone, an additional 19 units are on their way to one of the areas hit hardest by this health crisis, New York City, and its surrounding metropolitan area."

It's not a cure-all, but heart-warming good news like that is hard to come by these days. It's a starting point that provides a much-needed glimmer of hope for those risking their lives to help save the lives of others. Aesthetic Audio Systems, Inc. knows these courageous professionals are often too selfless to self-diagnose their stress levels. However, they are optimistic that their award-winner could be the perfect prescription to pump the burnout brakes and flatten the fatigue curve. After all, peace of mind has proven to be a potent medicine for mitigation, and RejuvenationGO! provides unlimited refills.

Established 16 years ago, 'Aesthetic Audio Systems, Inc.' is created and operated by good people giving thanks to our courageous and compassionate healthcare community.

Principals: Annette Ridenour, Award-Winning Healthcare Designer for 40 years.
David Corbin, Two Time Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of 'Illuminate' and 'Preventing Brand Slaughter.'
Gary Malkin, Emmy Award-Winning Composer, Creator of 'Graceful Passages'™

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