The Role of SeaCare in Boosting Immune System

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Dr. M. L. Summers Discusses how a functioning immune system protects patients from complications from viral infections.

SeaCare Dietary Supplement

“SeaCare contains the right combination of non-toxic ingredients that naturally boost our immune system to improve our chances at a stronger immune system and better overall well-being.” -Dr. M. L. Summers

Germs like bacteria, virus, mold, and toxins, thrive in our body when our immune system is most vulnerable. They can infect our bodies by invading our healthy cells, hijacking those cells to multiple themselves, and then spreading to other healthy cells even without noticeable symptoms. In normal circumstances, our immune system should be fully functional, alert, and always ready to come to our defense when needed, but this is not always the case.

When we first get exposed to these pathogens, our body recognizes that something is off and signals the immune system to release our defense cells to protect and preserve the body. If our immune system is fortified, our body usually has a better chance of fighting off that infection. However, if our immune system is diminished or compromised for any reason, we have a much more difficult time building a strong defense against the germ, thus increasing our risk of a more severe infection.

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people with weakened immune systems like cancer patients1, patients on certain medications, transplant patients, and immune deficiency disease patients, are at a higher risk for more serious disease2 if they get infected with a viral infection. Likewise, people who have a lower immunity for other reasons including inactivity, irregular sleep pattern, and poor diet3, can also be at higher risk of more severe symptoms of infections. When our immune system is compromised, we fall sick more frequently, more severely, and for a longer duration. This is because the body’s ability to fight pathogens is greatly reduced when our immunity is weak. Boosting our immune system is one of the best ways of reducing the risk of serious infections from germs and pathogens.

There are several natural ways to boost our immune system including getting adequate sleep, being physically active, eating a balanced diet, and taking natural supplements that have been proven to be effective for boosting the immune system. SeaCare4 is as a natural immune modulator with three powerful marine products that have been shown to improve our immune health5.

SeaCare includes:

1. Sea Cucumber - also known as bêche-de-mer, or gamat. This extract is the main ingredient in SeaCare, and has been used as medicinal immune boosters in Asia and the Middle East for thousands of years. Scientific studies6 show that sea cucumber extract is anti-inflammatory and also anti-cancer. It also has immune boosting properties due to one of the key components in Sea Cucumbers, Frondoside A, with known immune-modulatory properties that make it an excellent immune booster.

2. Sea Urchins – which contains a high dose of natural vitamin A and vitamin C - two essential immune boosters. Vitamin A, unofficially known as the “anti-inflammation vitamin” not only has anti-inflammatory properties which is beneficial for regulating our body’s reaction to invading pathogens, but is also great at boosting the immune system7 through enhancing our natural defense cells. Vitamin C,8 also known as ascorbic acid, encourages production of our body’s white blood cells9 which fight infections, protects our cells from harmful toxins as an antioxidant, and improves healing time when sick.

3. Marine Grasses – the last component in SeaCare which adds more responsibly-harvested marine ingredients to the dietary supplement to ensure balance and effectiveness.

SeaCare contains the right combination of non-toxic ingredients that naturally boost our immune system to improve our chances at a stronger immune system and better overall well-being. If we boost our immune system, we stand a better chance of reducing our risk for infections, as long as we also follow all recommended health guidelines.










SeaCare, Inc. is proudly the official supplier of SeaCare for the United States, Canada, Central and South America. SeaCare is a powerful natural immune booster made from a blend of extracts from Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin and Marine Grasses that clinically improves one’s quality of life through an enhanced immune system and increased energy. Our proprietary formulation brings together each of the ingredients which have shown benefits in many clinical studies delivering a powerful, potent dose of all-natural Immune Boosting agents.

SeaCare Ingredients: Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin, Sargassum (Marine Grass), Water.

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