The Scent Guru Group Adds A Smell Training Guide To Their Sensory Kits To Help People With Anosmia Regain Their Lost Sense of Smell

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Loss of sense of smell (anosmia) is a symptom and after effect of COVID-19 and a daily regimen of smell training can be valuable in a patient's recovery of their sense of smell from the virus. Smell Training can be easily self-facilitated and done at home with an expert's guidance.

Essential Awakenings® Smell & Memory Kit

"Our sense of smell is critically involved in our emotional and mental health due to the unique links between the processing of smell and the processing of emotions." - Rachel Herz, PhD

The Scent Guru Group developer of Essential Awakenings® Smell And Memory products is announcing the addition of a Smell Training Guide into each kit. The use of Essential Awakenings® activities appears to help some people with anosmia regain their sense of smell following respiratory viruses, aneurysms and head trauma. Dr. Thomas Hummel of the Smell and Taste Clinic of the Technische Universitat in Dresden has been administering smell therapy for more than a decade, and medical doctors and researchers around the world are suggesting that people with anosmia try Smell Training at home. With the loss of the sense of smell being a symptom and after-effect of COVID-19, access to Smell Training can be a valuable tool to help patients regain their sense of smell. In late March, Essential Awakenings® Smell and Memory Kits were given to Mr. Chris Tillett, the first recorded coronavirus patient in Connecticut who lost his sense of smell, and today, his wife reports that he has regained it, saying that the smell kit “has helped so much.”

The Smell Training Guide was developed for Essential Awakenings® Smell & Memory Kits by renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Rachel Herz, adjunct professor in the Medical School of Brown University and part-time faculty in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Boston College. Dr. Herz is widely known for conducting research on the sense of smell, emotion, perception, motivated behavior and cognition since 1990. According to Dr. Herz, “The way smell training helps people regain smell function appears to be due to a combination of actions stemming from stimulating the sense of smell. Included in these effects are that stimulating the sense of smell through smell training appears to: induce neurological regeneration of the odor receptors in the nose; increase the number of neurons in the olfactory bulb; help reorganize and reconnect brain circuits that are involved in the sense of smell and re-establish linkages with other brain areas; have a direct impact on re-learning the experience of odor sensation and perception.”

The Scent Guru Group, LLC is an organization that focuses on products pertaining to the importance of the sense of smell. The distinguishable scent prompts included in the kits were carefully selected by Ruth Sutcliffe, a professional scent developer who has been conducting Essential Awakenings® Activity Sessions at Assisted Living Communities to help stimulate the sense of smell and memory recall for its residents since 2017.

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