The six supplements that help boost your immune system

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Lisa Borg explains which supplements boost your immune system and how

"Vitamin A – is essential to healthy mucus membranes that are present throughout the respiratory and digestive systems; these membranes are our first line of defence and prevent invaders from entering cells where they can flourish.

Vitamin C – has a plethora of benefits, one being it inhibits viruses from replicating and enhances immune cell functions especially macrophages.

Vitamin D3 – immune function is highly dependent upon Vitamin D which is evident due to the number of receptors for Vitamin D on immune cells. It helps to regulate the immune response and deficiency is associated with susceptibility to infections.

Zinc – is required to produce insulin to help keep blood glucose within the reference range, for production of Hydrochloric Acid which kills invading organisms as a first line of defence; Zinc has been found to inhibit virus replication, and plays a significant role in the production of antioxidant and detoxification enzymes.

Beta Glucans are naturally occurring sugars that increase immune defence by enhancing the functions of natural killer cells and macrophages (basically a pacman type cell that gobbles up invading organisms). Particularly supportive against respiratory tract infections.

Probiotics and Prebiotics – to boost digestive health. Probiotics play a significant role in immune defences, and the majority of our immune response is in or around the digestive system. Probiotics communicate with our own cells and can trigger the immune system into action."

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