The VOAO (vote our a** off) clothing line has created what it has termed as the anti-MAGA hat

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The VOAO (vote our a** off) clothing line has created what it has termed as the anti-MAGA hat and embraces the thought that we are NOT homogenous as a nation. We are the same as people but are different, and that our voter power impacts everything in our daily life.

"This hat doesn't just have a saying; it reflects the true unity of a movement- a change in this country- and the real power that a voter has. People use to say, "my vote doesn't matter," and we learned how far from the truth that is from this past election," finished Dukes.

VOAO, pronounced vow, is a unisex line of colorful athleisure pieces with a mission to inform fashionably. One of the youthful fashion line's signature products is the VOAO trucker hat, an acronym for "vote our a** off".

The label chose the VOAO Hat as the launch piece as an empowered rejection of the faded MAGA hats and its perceived symbol of racism and discriminatory ideologies.

VOAO was inspired by a voter participation promotion, educating new voters, assisting, registering, and attracting first-time voters' attention.

The clothing line speaks to a youth market, 29 years and younger, and carries an inspiring message with each clothing and accessory article.

Our growing followers and brand ambassadors state the movement correctly; "If Voting wasn't important, then why are people trying so hard to stop you from doing it?" said one of the VOAO brand ambassadors, Alex.

"I am voting because I want to help and give power to the unheard around me actively. I encourage us all to vote and aid in the process of transforming America for the better. We cannot rest until everyone is truly equal. Keep fighting for the right things and silence hatred," said Denver, a first-time voter.

VOAO is unique as a mom has launched it to give her kids a powerful, wearable platform for getting attention to today's important societal and environmental issues.

The VOAO hat line has more color choices, underscoring individuality and the creativity of youth," said Donnamarie Dukes, Founder.
"Young voters played a critical role in delivering the 2020 VOTE.
"When I first started to create the line, I embraced the notion that America needed a change that is more inclusive for my children as well as all future generations.
We, as a country, needed to vote out the Trump administration- and I needed to contribute somehow to that. I knew that an unprecedented effort would be necessary to register and turn out actual votes for the Democratic candidates to achieve victory."
VOAO is a clothing line that truly reflects its name. Participation can change, and every vote does matter. People used to say, 'my vote doesn't matter,' and we learned how far from the truth that is from this past election," finished Dukes.

We must Vote Our A** Off - at all times and in every election cycle.

Regardless of background, people typically have the exact core needs and want to see the same treatment and respect for themselves and one another. To embrace a particular set of Liberal values is daring and bold, much like the garments explicitly designed for this line.

Moving forward, one of the missions of the VOAO company is 'responsible retailing' and part of the proceeds from sales support issues and nonprofits important to our customers. Besides making creative clothing that expresses views sustainably, we are participants in important national and global issues. "Our mission this past presidential election was to promote voter participation, educate new voters, assist, register, and deliver a victorious result- which we have. But our mission doesn't stop here."

VOAO is an affordable fashion brand, especially given today's distressed market. The VOAO hats start at forty dollars, and sweatshirts start at sixty-five dollars. The line will expand in its offerings, and VOAO always utilizes natural and sustainable fibers.

Vote Our A** Off hats and spring sweatshirts are custom embroidered. The clothing doesn't just have a saying; it reflects the true unity of a movement – a change in this country – and the real power that a voter has.

VOAO has launched as strictly an e-commerce based business. Updates for its expansion plans and garment pieces will be available both on its website and in a live document press packet, which will follow. For now, Donnamarie is available for interviews and direct quotes. Her story also reflects the ambitious nature of an ever-evolving business marketplace in today's COVID-19 culture, perfect for feature pieces.

Donnamarie Dukes

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