Tooth Sensitivity Is a Normal Reaction, but Frequent Pain Can Be Indicative of a More Serious Problem, Says Premier Care Dental Group

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Pasadena-based dental clinic Premier Care Dental Group comments on a recent article that patients can make sure they’re are not in peril by visiting their dentist when tooth pain or sensitivity lingers.

The dental office offers comprehensive oral health care.

Patients who err on the side of caution and visit the dentist at the first sign of trouble are far more likely to keep treatment costs down and their teeth and gums healthy.

A January 26 article on Live Science reports on why many people experience sensitivity in their teeth in certain situations. The answer is that – not unlike the skin’s response to dangerous conditions like extreme heat or cold, sharp objects, or harsh forces – pain and sensitivity serve as an alert to potential damage being done and warn the individual to escape the situation. Pasadena-based dental center Premier Care Dental Group says that it’s only natural to feel occasional sensitivity or pain, perhaps when biting into an impossibly-hot microwaved snack or freezing pint of ice cream. On the other hand, ongoing pain or sensitivity could be a sign of a condition.

The dental center notes that constant tooth pain or sensitivity could be indicative of a cavity or tooth decay. That’s one reason patients with consistent pain or very frequent sensitivity should visit their dentist, if only to rule out serious conditions or take preventative measures before an ailment has time to develop, the center adds. Of course, it almost goes without saying that patients need to watch their daily oral hygiene regimen with brushing and flossing twice daily.

Premier Care Dental Group says that most dental ailments are treatable, especially if they are caught early. However, the center notes that some patients have a tendency to wait until the pain or sensitivity is unbearable – but this is always a mistake. The center explains that many conditions are easily treatable in their early stages but they become much harder to manage if left to progress unimpeded. The center says that patients who err on the side of caution and visit the dentist at the first sign of trouble are far more likely to keep treatment costs down and their teeth and gums healthy.

That being said, the clinic notes that even the most vigilant tooth-brushers and dentist-goers are sometimes subject to bad luck and problems can occur due to genetics or other causes not to mention accidents and other types of trauma. The bright side is that modern dentistry can effectively treat most oral conditions and injuries, the clinic adds. For example, the clinic says that a missing tooth can often be replaced with a dental implant, assuming the underlying bone structure is strong enough to hold an implant. Even then, if a patient’s bone tissue is not sufficient, bone grafting techniques exist that allow patients to still receive an implant on their way to a healthy smile.

Premier Care Dental Groups says that, whatever the dental issue, outstanding treatments are available – but prevention is always the best medicine. Interested readers who may be in need of dental services can visit Premier Care Dental Group’s website at or call their office at (626) 795-6855.

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