Top Safety Devices That Can Help Drivers Pay Less on Their Car Insurance Premiums

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"Drivers that install safety devices in their vehicles will pay lower insurance rates. However, before installing any safety devices, drivers should call their insurers to check what devices are approved.", said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents several safety devices that will help drivers obtain cheaper car insurance rates.

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Drivers that are looking to purchase car insurance, should ensure that they will get a policy that offers lots of protection for a small price. Although for many this sounds hard to achieve, there are several methods to obtain lower premiums. For example, drivers that install several safety devices in their vehicles will pay less on their insurance.

Drivers can save car insurance money with the help of the next safety devices:

  • Rear-view cameras. Drivers that install a rear-view camera on their vehicles will be able to watch on a monitor how they back up and see if there are any obstacles behind the vehicle.
  • GPS systems. Usually, a GPS system is used to guide people to go from one location to another. However, these systems can work a little differently. Many drivers are using GPS tracking systems. These tracking devices are installed in hidden locations so that the thieves will have a hard time finding them. With the help of these systems, car owners will always know where are their vehicles. If a car fitted with such a device gets stolen, then the authorities will have no troubles to recover the vehicle. For this reason, the insurers will offer a generous discount to drivers that have GPS-based tracking systems in their vehicles.
  • Anti-theft devices. There are many aftermarket anti-theft devices that drivers can install in their vehicles. Kill switches, alarm systems, armored collars, and other anti-theft devices can help drivers pay lower insurance rates.
  • Airbags. Although airbags are a standard feature for all new vehicles, some older vehicles are not equipped with airbags. Drivers should ensure that their cars have airbags installed in order to take advantage of a discount.

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