Top Useful Tips For Preventing Online Auto Insurance Scams

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“To avoid car insurance scams, drivers should work with insurance companies and brokerage websites they can trust”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents how insurance scams can be avoided with the help of car insurance quotes.

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Many drivers can't imagine their lives without driving their vehicles on a daily basis. Owning a vehicle provides numerous benefits that make the lives of the policyholders more comfortable. To legally drive their vehicles, car owners will require to purchase car insurance. However, drivers that are looking for affordable car insurance risk being scammed. To avoid that, policyholders can work with insurers and brokerage websites that are reliable.

The most common car insurance scams are the following:

  •     Fake insurance sites. These sites are usually designed to resemble well-known insurance companies’ sites. Fake insurance ads that promise cheap coverage will redirect policyholders to these sites. Unexperienced and less knowledgeable drivers will be tricked to apply for coverage on these websites. Unfortunately, the monthly insurance fees that the policyholders agree to pay will go directly into the scammers' pockets. Usually, drivers will find out they were scammed when they are pulled over by the cops or when they try to call the fake insurer in order to file a claim.
  •     Fake calls. One common insurance scam is the fake call that promises cheap coverage. Drivers are usually phoned by unknown persons that promise to offer them cheap coverage because they have a spotless driving record. The caller will try to obtain sensitive personal information about the policyholder. It would be foolish to reveal personal info to strangers.
  •     Car accident compensation phone call scam. Another phone insurance scam is when a fake insurance agent calls drivers and pretend that the policyholders are entitled to a large compensation from a car accident they were involved several years ago. Once again, the scammer will try to obtain personal information from drivers. As usual, drivers should never give personal information to strangers.
  •     Manipulative insurance agents. Some unethical agents will try to overcharge the insurance rates of drivers in order to pocket the excess. To obtain better commissions, insurance agents will try to add extra options to the drivers’ policies Drivers should avoid agents that ignore their suggestions.

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