Practical Advice for Accessing and Using Money on a 2015 Tour of Tibet

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Many of the most common money related hassles that crop up on a tour of Tibet are easily avoided with adequate preparation and Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS ( knows that situations like these can be nothing short of a nightmare. To help travelers prepare, TCTS discusses how to avoid issues.

Traveling in Tibet is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. However, the excitement of visiting can sometimes distract travelers from preparing to avoid common money related hassles. Before arrival, it’s important to know that doing business in Tibet can be quite a bit different than other popular travel destinations. To help travelers avoid problems, Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS ( discusses what travelers need to keep in mind.

  • Banks tend to offer the best exchange rates. Upon arrival, it’s tempting to take advantage of currency exchange services at the group’s hotel. While exchanging a bit of currency is no big deal, traveler’s can miss out on a lot when dealing with larger amounts.
  • Don’t expect to be able to use a credit card. In general, they are not accepted anywhere. That said, emergencies do crop up from time to time. Major banks, such as Bank of China, can process cash advances off most major credit cards. Be sure to verify that the feature is activated and the pin is valid before leaving home.
  • Reliable ATMs can be found throughout Lhasa. Do note that not all banks take every kind of foreign card. If a group member’s card gets rejected, don’t panic. Just try another! Also, don’t forget to alert the bank of foreign ATM withdrawals. Should travelers run into problems, they should check to see if their bank has an international collect number before making an expensive phone call home!

Everybody knows that running into money hassles while far away from home is nothing short of a nightmare, especially when traveling in a foreign country. The most important things to remember for Tibet are that credit cards are typically not accepted and that travelers need to call their bank before making foreign ATM withdrawals. Money hassles can quickly dampen the excitement of a Tibet tour, so be sure to arrive well prepared. Now that the 2015 Tibet travel season is here, it’s time to start planning an adventure!

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