Trentodoc Institute To Hold First Digital Trentodoc Day

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Inaugural Trentodoc Day to be held virtually to celebrate 57 producers from the Dolomites on May 10th, 2021.

The Istituto Trento Doc will host the very first Trentodoc Day on May 10th, 2021 in recognition of the classic method sparkling wine from Trentino and the dedicated Trentodoc sparkling wine houses. The digital day will involve top representatives of the Italian wine community, including The Institute of Masters of Wine, the Italian Sommelier Association, Gambero Rosso and the most important daily Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera. This collaboration of wine experts and opinion leaders across Italy and the US strives to educate both industry professionals and wine lovers alike on all that Trentodoc sparkling wines have to offer. Activations will occur all online throughout on Zoom, Instagram, Facebook and Clubhouse, with seminars, interviews and tastings.

With 15 planned seminars and 27 participating wineries directly involved, Trentodoc Day will include discussions with a star-studded cast of hosts and on a variety of topics, ranging from wine tourism and the Trentodoc App, to zero dosage to women in wine. On the heels of Trentino being awarded Wine Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast, Trentodoc Day is an opportunity to discover and dive deeper in all this region and its wines. The program will kick off with all producers posting a coordinated video on social media and presenting one of their wines on Instagram. The planned schedule can be seen below. (Note: almost all events will be in Italian and are listed in EST).

Of note for the US market, in English language are two activations: a virtual tasting for US and Swiss press with Roberto Anesi, Italy’s Best Sommelier 2017, titled, “Trentodoc Day Tasting: Bring Home the Mountains of Trentino” (by invite only) and an IG Live about “Armchair Travel to Trentino for #TrentodocDay” with Jon McDaniel, Food + Wine Magazine’s Somm of the Year 2018, open to all!

Sabrina Schench, Director of the Trento Doc Institute, adds,”We are thrilled to present a digital event especially after such a particular year. We've learned that we can still connect over our shared passion of wine, virtually from all corners of the world."

Trentodoc is also a proud partner of The Institute of Masters of Wine and will be holding an exclusive technical seminar, open to all MWs and MW students worldwide with Italy’s first ever Master of Wine, Gabriele Gorelli, who was named a MW in early 2021.

The Trentodoc Day schedule is as follows:

*All activations will be held in Italian except for the Instagram Live with Jon McDaniel and the Zoom Virtual Tasting with Roberto Anesi, which will be in English.

  • 4:00am EST - Trentodoc Day 2021 Opening- A Trentodoc Day Welcome via a coordinated post and vides from all of the 57 producers presenting one of their Trentodoc labels | Facebook and Instagram
  • 5:30am EST - Instagram Live Conversation with Cantina Social on “Altitudini e ampelografia del territorio” | Instagram @cantinasocial
  • 6:30am EST - Zoom Virtual Tasting with Simone Loguercio, Italy’s Best Somm 2018, and chef Alessandro Gilmozzi on “La montagna a casa tua” for press | By invitation only
  • 7:30am EST - Instagram Live Panel Discussion with Enoblogger, Emanuele Trono, on “Trentino, Wine Region of the Year: in viaggio con l'App Trentodoc” | Instagram @enoblogger
  • 8:30am EST - Instagram Live Sommelier Seminar with Simone Loguercio, Italy’s Best Somm 2018 on “Trentodoc, orientarsi nella scelta: il dosaggio zero” | Instagram @simoneloguercio
  • 9:00am EST - Instagram Live Sommelier Seminar with Valentino Tesi, Italy’s Best Somm 2019 on “Trentodoc, orientarsi nella scelta: il rosato” | Instagram @vale_tesi
  • 9:00am EST - Instagram Live Sommelier Seminar with Roberto Anesi, Italy’s Best Somm 2017 on “Trentodoc, orientarsi nella scelta: la riserva” | Instagram @robertoanesi
  • 11:00am EST - Facebook Live Panel Discussion with Luciano Ferraro, editor-in-chief of Corriere della Sera on “La donna è nel DNA Trentodoc” | Instagram @trentodoc
  • 12:00pm EST - Instagram Live Seminar with Marco Sabellico, the editor of Gambero Rosso on “Il futuro Trentodoc tra sostenibilità, innovazione e tradizione” | Instagram @gambero_rosso
  • 12:00pm EST - Zoom Virtual Tasting with Italy’s Best Sommeliers of the Italian Sommelier Association from 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Maurizio Filippi, Roberto Anesi, Simone Loguercio and Valentino Tesi, all together for the first time on “Trentodoc: conoscerli e abbinarli con i Sommelier campioni d’Italia” | By invitation only
  • 1:00pm EST - Zoom Technical Seminar with Gabriele Gorelli MW, first Italian Master of Wine (2021) for Master of Wine and MW students worldwide on “The Role of Biodiversity, Climate and Winemaking in Trentodoc” | By invitation only
  • 1:00pm EST - Zoom Virtual Tasting with Roberto Anesi, Italy’s Best Somm 2017, for US & Swiss Press on “#TrentodocTime - Trentodoc Day Tasting: Bring Home the Mountains of Trentino” | By invitation only
  • 2:30pm EST - Zoom Seminar with Simone Loguercio and Valentino Tesi, Italy’s Best Sommelier 2019 and 2018 on “#TrentodocTime - Dal disciplinare all'abbinamento con il cibo: quale, il fil rouge? Ne parliamo con i giovani del Trentodoc.” | Zoom, Sign up via the Trentodoc App
  • 2:30pm EST - Instagram Live Conversation with Jon McDaniel, Food & Wine Magazine’s Best Somm of the Year 2018 on ‘Armchair Travel to Trentino for #TrentodocDay” | Instagram @mcvino82
  • 3:30pm EST- Clubhouse con Tinto: aspettando Wine Night Speciale Trentodoc | Clubhouse Room Hosted by Tinto and Club Trentodoc

Trentodoc has been building their presence in the US for the past four years, focusing on the key markets of NY, DC, FL, TX, IL and CA and looks forward to continuing to educate consumers about the classic method sparkling wine from the Dolomites.

About Trentodoc: The history of Trentodoc ( dates to the early 1900s when Giulio Ferrari, a student at the Imperial Royal Agricultural School of San Michele, who, after numerous educational trips to France, first began making traditional method sparkling wine in the center of Trento: small production, but of high quality. Since then, many others have followed suit and in 1993, ‘Trento” DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) became the first designation in Italy reserved for a traditional method - and among the first in the world.

Trentodoc is a denomination that brings together 57 sparkling wine producers, each with their own personal winemaking touch and giving this traditional method sparkling wine a range of tastes and characteristics, perfect for any palette, occasion, or food pairing. Yet all of them are characterized by a common denominator: quality.

The grape varieties used to produce Trentodoc are: Chardonnay (one of the most widely cultivated grapes in Trentino comprising of about 26% of the vineyard area), Pinot noir, Pinot blanc and Meunier - which all grow at altitudes between 200 to 900 meters above sea level. The climate is influenced by the Dolomites and Lake Garda, with significant temperature variations between day and night. This gives the vines and grapes, once they become wine, the signature elegance, freshness and persistence.
Trentodoc also now boasts an "identity card" which certifies its origin and its connection with the terroir, thanks to research by the Edmund Mach Foundation in San Michele all’Adige, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – which acknowledges it as “sparkling wine from the mountains”.

The quality of Trentodoc “Mountain Bubbles'' is ensured by specific production regulations, which establish strict rules and inspection throughout the entire supply chain. The grapes used for Trentodoc are harvested exclusively in Trentino and are hand-picked. The "base wine" undergoes a slow aging process in the bottle that varies from a minimum of 15 months for a Brut, to 24 months for a Millesimato, to a minimum of 36 months for a Riserva. However, this winemaking process often extends well over 10 years of aging on the lees, thanks to the constant commitment of all the producers to offer increasingly refined and advanced Trentodoc wines.
Since 1984, The Trento Doc Institute has been responsible for promoting the Trentodoc brand (with the logo consisting of two ‘O’s that graphically symbolize the action of "remuage".).

In 2020, a Trentodoc mobile App was designed to complement wine lovers’ tasting experiences, whether at home, in a restaurant or on a trip. The App contains information on the 57 sparkling wine producers, 200 points of interest, 180 wine technical sheets, and a dedicated section to the #TrentodocTime tasting appointments.

In the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships (CSWWC) 2020 competition, founded and chaired by Tom Stevenson, one of the world’s most respected sparkling wine critics, Trentodoc became the most awarded Italian sparkling wine ever with 52 medals, 20 of which gold and 32 silver. Furthermore, Wine Enthusiast - among the most renowned wine magazines in the world - awarded Trentino as “Wine Region of the Year” in 2020. Additionally, Trentodoc is a partner of the Italian Sommelier Association, participating in their Best Sommelier Competition, and is supporter of The Institute of Masters of Wine.

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