Trump Administration Should Review Undue Influence of Foundations Funding Tar Sands Campaign says Friends of Science Society

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The Trump Administration should review the undue influence of billionaire foundations funding the Tar Sands Campaign, which has resulted in a close-to-approval legislated tanker ban on the West Coast and turned Canada’s National Energy Board upside down.

Taking the Mask off Climate change Funding

Dark Green Money

Friends of Science Society’s report “Climate Change Your Mind” shows shows there is no climate emergency and no catastrophe.

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Along with President Trump doing a climate science review, as reported in E&E News of June 6, 2018, the Trump Administration should review the undue influence on climate change propaganda, funded by billionaire foundations associated with the Tar Sands Campaign, an international program attacking the Canadian oil sands run by CorpEthics. LINK:

According to Friends of Science, the climate catastrophe premise is echoed by dozens of Environmental Nongovernmental Organizations (ENGOs) in Canada, the USA, and around the world, and they are funded by green billionaires, as outlined in the “Design to Win” program of the ClimateWorks Foundation.

The “Tar Sands Campaign” is well-known in Canada as an international demarketing attack on Canada’s astounding technological achievements and excellence in the oil sands. The Alberta oil sands have become the focus of nasty reputational attacks from "Tar Sands" funded parties around the world, mostly relying on claims of an impending climate catastrophe.

West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL) has almost successfully implemented a tanker ban off the West Coast (Bill C-48) as reported in Friends of Science report “Manufacturing a Climate Crisis.” On June 6, 2019, the Canadian Senate rejected opposition to the bill. LINK:

Ecojustice Canada agitated against the National Energy Board for months, now according to Canada West Foundation, the new proposed Bill C-69 is full of legal loopholes and deep uncertainty for investors.    Both WCEL and Ecojustice have been identified as fundees by Tar Sands Campaign partners. These bills are destroying investment and Canada’s economy, all premised on climate change.

Friends of Science Society’s report “Climate Change Your Mind” shows there is no climate emergency and no catastrophe.

Dr. Matthew Nisbet’s 2018 paper entitled “Strategic Philanthropy in the Post Cap-and-Trade Era” reveals these billionaire foundations have spent some $600 million (and much more individually) to fund the demarketing of coal, oil and natural gas, while pushing renewables. The case for renewables relies almost entirely on the premise that wind and solar reduce emissions and help stop climate change. Consequently ENGOs have hyped the climate catastrophe memes and demanded 100% renewables grid – even though there is no evidence such a thing is technically feasible – according to “Burden of Proof” by Heard et al (2017).

Nisbet's study notes that these green billionaire foundations are also the main funders of academics and non-profit journals. Thus, Friends of Science says the public and policy-maker views on climate change have been skewed by these millions funding climate catastrophe advocacy.

Friends of Science Society points out that several of these tax-exempt foundations were under investigation in the 1950’s in the US by the Reece Commission, as detailed in Renee A. Wormser’s book “Foundations: Their Power and Influence.”

“Undue Influence – Markets Skewed” is a report by Friends of Science Society that attempts to make sense of how energy markets are being turned upside down by parties like these. LINK:

Friends of Science Society says that the climate science debate is crucial to determining whether or not ‘low-carbon’ investment funds have kept up with the material change in the science – that being carbon dioxide’s effect (climate sensitivity) is now deemed to be nominal, meaning more carbon dioxide won’t cause any significant global warming. Since the 2013 reported ‘hiatus’ in the UN Climate Panel report (IPCC AR5), it has been conceded by many leading scientists that climate change is more likely driven by solar and ocean cycles, which are beyond our control.

Friends of Science Society is an independent group of earth, atmospheric and solar scientists, engineers, and citizens who are celebrating its 16th year of offering climate science insights. After a thorough review of a broad spectrum of literature on climate change, Friends of Science Society has concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).
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