United Recovery Project - How a 30 year old CEO is Sparking the Flame in the Addict Who Doesn’t Think He Can

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Individuals seeking help for substance addiction can find assistance with United Recovery Project, a unique and intensive program designed for those struggling with substance abuse.

It starts with a conversation. A conversation that needs to be had more and more, one that needs to be destigmatized. The cat is out of the bag, and it has been for quite some time. Anyone who does not believe the disease of addiction can affect their life, whether directly or indirectly, is simply turning a blind eye.

Drug addiction can affect anyone from any socioeconomic background, any sex, any race; the fact is that addiction does not discriminate. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 2019 alone, among people aged 12 or older, 57.2 million people used illicit drugs or misused prescription drugs. 9.7 million of those misused prescription painkillers, 5.9 million misused prescription tranquilizers or sedatives, 5.5 million used cocaine, 5.5 million misused prescription stimulants, and 2 million used methamphetamines. According to the CDC, over 70,000 people died from overdose, 50,000 of those involving opioids.

As an individual or family member whose loved one is caught in the thick of the desperate trap that is addiction, finding the right help seemingly only adds more confusion and more difficulty in the battle of overcoming addiction.

Individuals seeking help for substance addiction can find assistance with United Recovery Project, a unique and intensive program designed for those struggling with substance abuse. United Recovery Project offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to addiction treatment. Treatment typically begins with detoxification or “detox” for short. Detox is the first step in the journey towards recovery, and is very important to safely rid your body of the toxins associated with drugs and alcohol in a medically supervised environment. While there are many different types of treatment options offered, individuals have the option to reside in one of the many luxurious facilities offered by United Recovery Project during the course of their treatment.

Bryan Alzate serves as the Chief Executive Officer of United Recovery Project, and he has a vested passion as an active member of the recovery community with over 10 years substance abuse free.

Before co-founding the United Recovery Project, Bryan attended Florida Atlantic University and today brings 9 years of substance abuse treatment experience to United Recovery Project. It is more than a goal; it is his life’s mission to provide a safe, healing environment where clients are given the tools needed to achieve total health and wellness.

His newly released Podcast Hell Has an Exit features people from all different walks of life who have found their way out of Hell against all odds. The podcast is intended to further the message that “We Do Recover”. The episodes focus primarily on addiction with episodes ranging all the way from stories of the son of a Colombian cartel boss doing cocaine at 12, to a drug addicted gangbanger selling kilos of cocaine who now has 9 years clean and multiple college degrees, to a cheerleader addicted to heroin obtaining her Master’s degree and becoming a present and loving mother. And while the podcast's main focus is addiction, some episodes feature people exiting different kinds of “Hell”. In one episode, Bryan sits down with Anita Karl, as she tells her story of being one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust. Hell Has an Exit is a way for those who have been affected by addiction to access the minds and thoughts of others who may have found themselves in similar situations. As human beings, relating to others and discovering that we are not alone in our battles is one very important part of the healing process. Learning to accept the help of others while also learning to trust that we do deserve better despite what our subconscious tells us, is part of the message that Bryan wants to spread.

In an interview with Bryan, we ask him a series of questions to help us understand where he stands on some touchy subject surrounding Big Pharma & the reputation of rehabs.

When we asked Bryan what his stance is on the damage caused by Big Pharma (Purdue) his response was:

“Sure I can place blame on Big Pharma for the opioid epidemic we’re living in today, but at the end of the day there are people whose jobs it is to fight the big corruption. Placing blame is the easy way out, there’s no action in placing blame for someone like me.

My job is to spark the flame in the addict who doesn’t think he can. That’s what I focus on. Little sparks all over the world. Not trying to put out a forest fire. I’m focused on starting my own fire.

I want people talking about how cool recovery is. How fun rehab was. How successful addicts are, how smart addicts are and how diverse they are.

It’s easy to be angry and to get caught up in the news. Does the news about the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma do anything for me? Maybe. Maybe it’s good to know justice is being served. But what about Kratom, what about fentanyl? What about the scam rehabs that pay addicts to go there; that house them like slaves and bill their insurance? Sure, it felt good when Safe Haven, the worst rehab in Florida, got shut down and they went to prison. But guess what, the next day there were 3 more. So again, what good does it do for me to focus on all the scams? I want to talk about the good places and focus on the fact that there are good places. I want addicts that need help to be able to trust that there is good help out there.”

With the Hell Has an Exit podcast and United Recovery Project, Bryan’s mission is to help addicts trust that there is good help out there and that they can start their road to recovery too. Visit the United Recovery Project for more information.

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