UZE Mobility Launches in the U.S.; Ushers in Unprecedented Precision for Advertisers Targeting Customers On-the-Go

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New approach to digital out-of-home advertising combines hardware, software, AI and sensor technology to expand advertiser reach to over 300 million untapped consumers

UZE Mobility Launches in the U.S.

UZE has transformed vehicles into a mobile advertising ecosystem and as they debut in the U.S., are poised to be the Google of street advertising

UZE Mobility, the marketplace platform for mobile digital out-of-home advertising, announced its U.S. debut today. Founded in Germany by Alexander Jablovski, a veteran of the automotive industry and expert in mobility disruption, UZE deploys artificial intelligence and sensor technology to create a comprehensive solution for mobile advertising through digital signage.

“Transportation is often viewed as one-dimensional for moving goods or human beings from point A to point B,” said Alexander Jablovski, CEO/CTO and co-founder at UZE. “What we discovered early on in building UZE was that transportation yielded an entirely new platform for advertisers. At UZE, we’re breaking down silos across the value chain to reach an untapped market that includes over 17 million commercial vehicles to serve in the U.S. alone.”

In utilizing this platform, UZE offers advertisers a new way to reach consumers as well as offering fleet partners a new way to generate revenue without altering their day-to-day operations. Only 3% of advertising is out of home, leaving the rest of the consumer market unreached by advertisers the moment they set foot in their cars or leave home. That represents over 300 million potential customers.

Through integration of mobile hardware and software, UZE is tapping directly into this market opportunity. To lead its U.S. efforts, UZE has brought on Cindy Jeffers, former CEO & CTO of Salon Media Group, to serve as U.S. President and COO. Her background in media, advertising and hardware makes Jeffers an expert fit to help advertisers achieve the same exciting results as UZE’s European customers.

“UZE has been able to drive advertiser sales using proprietary sensor data that helps us deliver more precise ad targeting,” said Jeffers. “According to recent data, the digital out-of-home ad market is projected to grow 40% over the next five years in the U.S. We’re thrilled to lead the convergence of digital display and out-of-home advertising.”

“UZE has done much more than develop a line of beautiful, easy-to-install digital displays,” said Simon Boag, early UZE investor and CTO at Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp (NYSE: KCAC). “They’re experts in logistics, transportation, and digital advertising, who have built out the digital infrastructure advertisers need to extend their reach to out-of-home. UZE has transformed vehicles into a mobile advertising ecosystem and as they debut in the U.S., are poised to be the Google of street advertising."

Born in Jablovski’s backyard in Bremen, Germany, and incubated by an international ecosystem with the University of Aachen and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Jablovski co-founded UZE with advertising technology expert and CIO Sebastian Thelen in 2018. UZE launched in June 2020 and has already created significant value for its advertisers and fleet partners Europe. The marketplace platform has reduced ad buying time by 92% and boosted margins for its digital display fleet partners by up to 2%.

Using proprietary advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence, advertisers can personalize, target and adapt ads in real-time using highly granular anonymized user and environmental data. UZE partnered with Hövding, for example, to promote their mobile airbag for bikers. After running a bike with a large screen through bike lanes in Berlin, delivering the right ad to the right consumer at the right time, Hövding saw web sales jump to 38%.

“Our real estate sales increased 20% after working with UZE for only two months,” said Adele Martens at Century21 Real Estate and early UZE client. “We were able to reach a new, highly motivated buyer market. Working with UZE has completely changed the way we advertise taking us far beyond traditional media such as smartphone or email-based online advertising.”

UZE is debuting in New York City, with plans to expand across the U.S. To learn more about UZE Mobility and how its offerings are changing advertising, visit



UZE Mobility is the premier platform for mobile digital out-of-home advertising. The company delivers bespoke ad campaigns through proprietary digital billboards mounted on commercial vehicles and is powered by their AI-driven campaign management software. To learn more about UZE Mobility, visit

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