Vaccine Organizers Planning to Disrupt GOP Midterm Elections Over Trump's Failed Campaign Promise

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Vaccine Organizers Planning to Disrupt GOP Midterm Elections Over Trump's Failed Campaign Promise

 With the help of millions of American families, parents, grandparents, researchers and physicians concerned about America's vaccine policy, the GOP won a close presidential election and control of both the Senate and House.  As a candidate, Trump, along with Ben Carson, both expressed their disapproval regarding the childhood vaccine schedule-too many, too soon.  Trump went further. Trump has been adamant that vaccines are linked to Autism "Autism has become an epidemic", he unrelentingly declared several times.*

While president Trump with the help of the GOP controlled Congress has acted on many of Trump's campaign promises including border security, tax cuts, dismantling Obama Care, fair trade, and North Korea, the president and the GOP has heretofore been silent on vaccine safety issues.  While vaccine-linked injuries, adverse reactions, life long damage, children's deaths and disabilities continue to rise, American families who helped the GOP win the presidential election and control both the House and Senate have become disheartened, and somewhat betrayed by the President. They have patiently awaited the critical safety and efficacy evaluation of vaccines that he promised in the campaign.

Hundreds and hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have linked vaccines to the epidemics of disease that are destroying the health of hundreds of millions of Americans. Vaccines have been linked to the epidemic of diabetes, with an estimated 50% of adults in the US now being diabetic or pre-diabetic. Vaccines have been linked to the epidemic of autism spectrum disorder, mental illness and depression that now affects a huge percentage American youths.  Other autoimmune and allergic diseases such as asthma, peanut allergies and eczema, linked to vaccines, have also risen to the status of epidemics.

While president elect Trump discussed creating a Vaccine Safety Committee whose purpose would be to evaluate each and every vaccine for its safety, efficacy and cost effectiveness, this has not manifested. In the face of more than a decade of parental outrage citing harm to their children, notwithstanding the President's adamant position that Vaccines are linked to Autism, Trump appointees running the FDA, CDC, and HHS continue to implement dangerous vaccine policies resulting in States mandating immunization. None of these vaccines have not been adequately tested for safety.

For example, the recombinant hepatitis B vaccines, which is imposed on every American infant on the day or even hour of birth received FDA approval based on safety studies that followed the subjects for only about 7 days post immunization. Need we say more?

Unfortunately for the GOP, Parents and other vaccine safety advocates, disillusioned by the GOP's inaction, are being encouraged to withhold support for the GOP in the current local and State campaigns. If GOP wants the support of the millions of organized voting families that supported Trump's election due to his position on vaccines, the administration would be wise to take, at this critical midterm elections, some concrete action to address the vaccine safety crisis as well as to inform GOP candidates of the President's position on vaccines.  State-to-State, organized coalitions are planning to ask GOP candidates about their position on vaccine mandates. It would be advantageous, if not intelligent, that GOP candidates be familiar and aligned with the President's intention, though not yet manifested, to evaluate the safety of vaccines and impress on the president the need to keep his campaign promise regarding vaccines.

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