Vandals Taking Advantage of Events Distracting Law Enforcement Highlights Need for Private Security, says Spear Security

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Denver-based Spear Security comments on a recent article that private security can fill in the gaps created by ongoing events that distract or occupy law enforcement.

Spear Security Inc. provides a range of security services for businesses and individuals in Colorado.

Security acts primarily as a deterrent against troublemakers, who rarely seek confrontation with any kind of authority.

A June 7 article on The Mercury News reports on several bouts of vandalism that occurred following otherwise peaceful protests in San Francisco, California. According to the article, none of the shops appear to have been specifically targeted, rather they fell victim to vandals and thieves looking to take advantage of the protests while law enforcement was distracted. To add fuel to the fire, the article reports that many of these businesses have been struggling due to the ongoing public health crisis. Denver-based Spear Security Inc. says that vandals and other petty criminals almost always strike when conditions limit their chances of being caught, such as during off-hours or during large-scale events when law enforcement is thrown off balance.

Spear Security says that having general security teams onsite during times of vulnerability – or better yet, at all times, day and night – can dramatically reduce the risk of being targeted by petty criminals and others. The firm says that security acts primarily as a deterrent against troublemakers, who rarely seek confrontation with any kind of authority. Quality security teams, the firm says, establish themselves in a highly visible manner without compromising the daily operations of a client’s company, getting in the way of customers, disrupting tenants in a residential complex, and so on. Elaborating, Spear Security says that while deterrence is always a good idea, it’s rather pointless if the company or residence is unable to go about their normal business because of a hamfisted security approach. In other words, balance in visibility and function is key.

The firm also notes that, unfortunately, some individuals may not always respond to reason. While de-escalation is always the go-to for quality security services, sometimes further action is required. Spear Security adds that the best security teams know how to handle heightened situations without losing control or unnecessarily risking the wellbeing of anyone involved – including the perpetrators.

Spear Security says that only through selecting well-qualified candidates for recruitment coupled with additional training can quality security services be recognized. The firm says that situations, where anything beyond a simple yet stern warning is required, are rare. Spear Security notes that many disturbances are often caused by rowdy or disgruntled employees, tenants, or eventgoers; however, the firm stresses that it makes sure that its security teams are always prepared for all types of eventualities.

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