Vivian Weyll, The Visionary Behind Joie De Viv Is Redefining The Modern Day Jewelry Experience, One Collection At a Time

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The latest venture from the serial entrepreneur is taking the jewelry industry by storm.

Vivian Weyll, CEO & Founder of Joie de Viv

Vivian Weyll, CEO & Founder of Joie de Viv

Joie de Viv is everything I ever envisioned a jewelry line could be. Truly sustainable, meticulously handcrafted in small batches, perfect everyday designs.

Vivian Weyll, the Miami based founder of direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand, Joie de Viv has enjoyed fast-growing online operations this past year and is poised to see rapid growth continue in 2021 with a series of highly anticipated new collections set to launch. Redefining the modern jewelry experience since its inception in 2019, Joie de Viv offers a variety of expertly crafted diamond jewelry designed with eco-friendly, sustainable, socially responsible, and conflict-free lab-grown diamonds.

While some may suspect overnight success for the boundary-pushing CEO & founder, Joie De Viv is, in fact, the result of over a decade of hard work for Weyll, a serial entrepreneur who sees the brand as the culmination of all her collective life experiences. “Joie de Viv is everything I ever envisioned a jewelry line could be,” she told Forbes Magazine in a recent interview. “Truly sustainable, meticulously handcrafted in small batches, perfect everyday designs.” Defined by its ability to have a high-fashion appeal with seriously affordable prices, the brand is best known for its layered necklaces, delicate earrings, lab-grown diamonds, and growing global fan base.

Before becoming the next thing in everyday ethical fine jewelry, however, Joie De Viv started out as a hobby of Weyll’s, who grew up in Rio de Janeiro dabbling in jewelry design at a young age. “The love for the craft started when I was young. I had been interested in gemstones since I was about five years old and this interest only grew over time.”

After working as a successful actress in Brazil until the age of twenty, she went on to create several other successful business ventures, including a publishing company (Storms Publishing) that she started in 2010 with her then-husband, artist Jack Storms, with whom she had a son in 2010. Armed with a graduate degree in communications and a background in television, film, and marketing, she took Storms Publishing from a small entrepreneurial operation to a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years, with Jack’s artworks selling out across the globe.

In 2015, Vivian started working on a jewelry line that would feature Jack’s highly sought-after fine art crystal work but on a much smaller and more affordable scale. “Most people told me I was crazy and that it was an impossible thing to do. It took me three years of nonstop work, sweat, and tears but in 2018 I launched Viv Storms Fine Jewelry which was the very first fine art jewelry line of its kind.” The launch was a monumental success, with pieces being produced in very small batches and garnering consistent pre-order wait lists of up to 3-4 months.

In 2018, Vivian’s marriage to Jack came to an end, and it was over the following year that she decided it was time to prioritize her passion for jewelry and start a new line. Within a few short months of launching in October of 2019, Joie De Viv became a bonafide authority in the online sustainable fine jewelry and lab-grown diamond world, pushing the growing market to new heights.

Joie de Viv, French for “Viv’s Joy,” also pays homage to the French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life, an exultation of spirit. The epitome of her newfound passion, the brand would become the silver lining of that fortuitous year. “The day I decided to create the brand, I decided I was going to find the joy in the middle of it all and I would come out of it stronger. It took me nine months of development and research and a million dollars of self-investment but I was able to create the perfect jewelry line that was everything I ever envisioned and dreamed of,” she said.

Venturing off the conventional path, Vivian focussed her attention on lab-grown diamonds - real diamonds created in a lab sharing the same optical, chemical, thermal, and physical features of mined diamonds that avoid the environmental & social impact of mining. By utilizing solar technology as a means of re-creating nature's diamond making process, Joie De Viv’s diamonds require significantly less energy than extracting them from the earth via industrial mining practices, and all of the energy used to create the brilliant stones used in each piece is completely renewable.

In true disruptive fashion, the brand has been committed to sourcing all materials ethically, without compromising on cut, clarity, durability or design - not an easy feat in an industry ripe with unethical practices. With inspiration being culled from the different cultures and time periods she’s experienced throughout her life, Weyll has created an inclusive language that not only appeals to the individuality of the modern consumer but also celebrates a set of values greater than the value of gold or diamonds - the values of social and ecological awareness.

Joie De Viv has been featured in Town and Country, Yahoo Lifestyle, Forbes, Vanity Fair and is recognized for its commitment to creating high quality ethically sourced fine jewelry pieces.

About Joie De Viv

Founded in 2019 by Brazilian born jewelry designer and serial entrepreneur Vivian Weyll, Joie De Viv is a fine jewelry brand that is elegantly reinventing how the world shines with versatile and interchangeable pieces that combine semi-precious and precious gemstones, lab-grown diamonds, and reclaimed materials. Working towards creating new industry standards and ending damaging cycles, Joie De Viv is dedicated to disrupting a $200+ billion jewelry industry by making some of the most beautiful, sustainable, and timeless pieces through sustainability initiatives that provide lasting positive change. Prices ranging from $60-$4,999.00, Joie De Viv is available globally at

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