Water Life Science® Discovers Thermography Wellness Power Of Talk Radio

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Water Life Science® Teaches Wellness Dry Eye Supplementation & Early Detection for Proactive Health Care. Dry Eye Expert Kleyne Teaches Power of Water® Early Wellness Detection with Thermographer Sherri Hudson CT. LT, HT.

Date aired: December 3rd, 2018

Guest: Sherri Hudson, CT, LT, HT, Herndon, Virginia

Sharon Kleyne’s Water Life Science® discovers thermography wellness via the power of talk radio. Kleyne’s Water Life Science® also teaches wellness dry eye supplementation and early detection for proactive wellness health care. Talk show host Kleyne’s focus is on wellness, water and Water Life Science®, the healthy new life style she created. “Water is the life of all earth,” says Kleyne. “Like soil, it’s a species we’re neglecting. Kleyne believes we need natal health care in which water is the top priority. “It’s the water that will fight disease and find cures.” Wellness believer Kleyne, ever proactive, challenges listeners to come up with something, some new technology to help save the planet.

Consistent with that encouraging invitation, radio talk show host Kleyne, who is also the founder and director of research of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, welcomes Virginia wellness thermographer Sherri Hudson, CT, LT, HT to discuss wellness holistic procedures and early prevention through the power of wellness talk radio on the “Sharon Kleyne Hour,” Kleyne’s internationally syndicated weekly radio show with a global audience of 3.5 million listeners on VoiceAmerica produced by Rose Hong, founder/director of Global Dragon TV.

Hudson, a graduate of Duke University Medical Center, a member of the American College of Clinical Thermography and owner of Holistic Family Health, a full body wellness practice, offers a variety of preventative services addressing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Lyme disease and PTSD among nearly a hundred additional ailments. In response to Water Life Science® advocate Kleyne’s question, Hudson describes thermography as “a non-invasive way to look inside the body and see what’s going on without radiation or even touching the body.” Thermography procedures use an infra-red camera to detect blood flow and heat patterns in body tissues. Through non-invasive body scans, wellness practitioner Hudson points out that “70 percent of our population dies from pathogens, heart disease and diabetes. Inflammation is the beginning stage of all disease,” Hudson says, “so for me, it is all about early detection.”

Wellness expert Hudson’s practice also offers oxygen therapy through the use of a hyperbaric chamber. “No disease likes oxygen,” Hudson asserts. A patient spends approximately an hour-and-a-half inside the hyperbaric chamber. “Most people come out of the chamber feeling more relaxed, healthier,” says wellness teacher Hudson. “Some, like me, even doze off and take naps during the duration of the protocol!”

“We’re living in a toxic world,” wellness believer Hudson adds. With Water Life Science® educator Kleyne, wellness leader Hudson encourages people to study water and new water technology, stay hydrated by drinking enough water, consume a healthy diet, exercise moderately, learn to breathe properly and get a good night’s sleep. Hudson also cautions, “If you don’t deal with the emotional component of illness, you will never fully heal.”

Embracing transparency, wellness researcher Hudson tells Water Life Science®’s Kleyne that the rates she charges for all of her wellness procedures and wellness protocols are clearly listed and explained on her wellness website: http://www.fhtid.com


If you would like to listen to the program in which wellness thermographer Sherri Hudson, CT, LT, HT joins evaporation, eye mist, dry eye educator and Water Life Science® radio talk show host Sharon Kleyne, please follow this link: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/110900/womens-health-thermography

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