Wealth-X Announces Key Expansions to Global Database of Wealthy Individuals

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Wealth Intelligence Leader Adds New Data on Professional Sports, Political Donations and Philanthropic Giving

Wealth-X, the leader in applied wealth intelligence, has announced several significant expansions made to the company’s proprietary global database today, creating or updating nearly 8,000 records of wealthy individuals around the world.

In an effort led by Wealth-X’s Data Strategy team, these new data assets uncover individuals who are very high net worth (VHNW, $5 - $30 million), ultra high net worth (UHNW, $30 million+) or who are likely wealthy and currently being researched further to confirm their appropriate wealth tier.

Representing nearly $30 billion in personal wealth, these new data enhancements focus on a variety of themes including former NBA players and owners of professional sports teams in the US, philanthropic and political donations made by wealthy individuals in Canada, donations made under “The Giving Pledge” and other major gifts over $1 million, as well as wealth generated by social media influencers around the world.

Professional Sports

  • Former NBA Players - Building on previous data enhancements in 2019, Wealth-X obtained compensation history data for former professional basketball players from the NBA and created 107 new UHNW records and 466 new VHNW records in the company’s global database. In addition, this data was used to update 779 pre-existing records, upgrading more than 190 of those to the UHNW wealth tier. These new and updated records represent an additional $26.3 billion worth of liquid assets attributed to these wealthy individuals, as well as updates to career positions and histories, family connections, and also basic profile data such as photos, nicknames, dates of birth, hometowns, business contact information, education history and Twitter handles.
  • US Sports Team Owners - Beyond the NBA, the Data Strategy team identified 146 owners of 118 professional sports teams in the United States. After cross-referencing the Wealth-X Database for these individuals, new records were created for 13 previously unidentified team owners. In addition, new data points were added to numerous existing records including date of birth, career positions and interests/passions/hobbies.

Philanthropic Giving

  • Canadian Philanthropic Donations - Building on the large expansion of Canadian data Wealth-X announced in June of 2020, the company mined several additional sources of information on Canadian philanthropic giving resulting in an additional 26,000 major gifts worth a combined $3 billion which was added to the respective records of wealthy Canadians already included in the Database.
  • ‘Giving Pledge’ Members - Wealthy philanthropists who sign on to ‘The Giving Pledge’ make a commitment to donate at least half of their net worth to charitable causes over their lifetime. Wealth-X identified all individuals who have agreed to participate – 210 pledges by 330 individuals in total – in order to ensure that each has a complete dossier in the Wealth-X Database. The Data Strategy team also created a new searchable Interest, Passion & Hobby tag for the Giving Pledge which enables users to search for them directly.
  • Major Philanthropic Donations List - Each year, Wealth-X identifies a list of major gifts over $1 million to continuously enhance our dataset of philanthropic giving. This year the Data Strategy team ingested 2,080 major gifts worth a total of $37.9 billion into nearly 2,000 records of wealthy individuals. This process resulted in the creation of 487 new VHNW records and 356 new UHNW records in the Wealth-X Database. In addition, 151 pre-existing records were upgraded to the UHNW wealth-tier based on their philanthropic giving history.

Canadian Political Donations

  • Wealth-X expanded its dataset on political giving by collecting and ingesting more than 43,000 political donations made by wealthy Canadians with records already in the Wealth-X Global Database.

Social Media Influencers

  • A significant amount of new wealth is being created by social media influencers and content creators on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and Mixer. Wealth-X collected a trove of data on remuneration trends across those platforms to identify and create new VHNW or UHNW profiles on 189 influencers who have amassed huge followings and wealth from their content, ingesting over $1.6 billion worth of social media earnings to their Wealth Analyses. This data expansion is the most recent in a series of significant additions to Wealth-X’s global proprietary database.

Over the past year alone, Wealth-X has added over 400,000 new records of wealthy individuals from around the world including mainland China, Latin America, the US, Canada, Western Europe and Russia, to name a few.
The Wealth-X Database is the world’s largest contextual dataset of records on wealthy individuals available today, focusing on the VHNW and UHNW wealth tiers. This unique data empowers organizations in the financial services, luxury, not-for-profit and higher education sectors to better understand, engage and do business with wealthy clients and donors.

For more information on the Wealth-X Database and how to gain access, please visit: https://www.wealthx.com/solutions/database-access/

About Wealth-X
The global leader in wealth information and insight, Wealth-X partners with prestige brands across the financial services, luxury, nonprofit and higher-education industries to fuel strategic decision-making in sales, marketing and compliance. Wealth-X has developed the world’s largest collection of records on wealthy individuals and produces unparalleled data analysis to help organizations uncover, understand, and engage their target audience, as well as mitigate risk. Founded in 2010, with staff across North America, Europe and Asia, Wealth-X provides unique data, analysis, and counsel to a growing roster of over 500 clients worldwide.

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