WealthBlock: An innovative blockchain platform providing equal financial opportunities to the masses

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Providing the same investment opportunities as those available to the top 1%

Current investment structures are prohibitive to many middle and lower class citizens and I want to change that. With WealthBlock’s alternative asset model, we look forward to bringing financial independence to more than just the wealthy population, often referred to as the 1%" - Trilliam Jeong, CEO

WealthBlock.AI (https://wealthblock.ai/blockchainsale) is a financial tech firm that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the way people access and invest in alternative assets. By accepting major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether as payment for investing in real estate, venture capital funds, hedge funds, and entertainment financing, WealthBlock alleviates the cross-border payment barrier that prevents investors from participating in investment opportunities across the globe. And by tokenizing financial assets so that they can be traded on exchanges, WealthBlock intends to fulfill the liquidity promise of security tokens, and provide investors more flexibility when investing in historically illiquid assets.

What is Blockchain
In the simplest terms, blockchain is a database of transaction records. These records can take any form, from monetary payments, to the transfer of real estate from one individual to another. There are a few properties though that make blockchain truly special and unlike any other database that has come before it. Traditional databases are centralized, while blockchain is a decentralized network where no single entity owns the database. Instead it is spread across thousands of machines, a network open to participation by anyone with an internet connection.

Another beautiful property is that the ability to make a new transaction is secured by unbreakable encryption and any individual in the world can create their own special key to do so. The consensus mechanism embedded in blockchain protocols ensures that no one individual, institution or government has the power to dictate which transactions are valid. Instead, the network participants each use their computing power to “vote” and come to an agreement on the network’s valid transaction state.

Blockchain already has an impact on several industries, from supply chain management, to healthcare record keeping, to real world asset transfers and only more to come. The most obvious and abundant use case to date has been in revolutionizing payments. Individuals who do not know one another, and more importantly, do not trust one another, can securely transfer real value with nothing more than a digital wallet. There are no intermediaries, no banks, no payment gateways, no clearing houses. The traditional payment process is ripe with fees because of all the entities mentioned above, each taking a small cut as your payment makes its way to it’s recipient.

While the internet made digital payments possible, in all its power and glory, the one glaring property the internet alone cannot replace, is the trust layer inherent in transactions. While you can search for your dream home online, review pictures and sales history, and confirm it is in your ideal school district, you certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable simply wiring funds to purchase the home directly to the seller. Instead, your lawyer, their lawyer, government title transfer agencies, and mountains of paperwork are required to certify that the transaction is valid. With blockchain smart contracts, this essential trust layer can be digitized entirely. Smart contracts are small software programs embedded in blockchains, that can include an arbitrary number of rules to satisfy the requirements of a transaction. Once the rules are met, any value, which in this example could represent the title to a home, can be autonomously unlocked. How great is that?!

TRIM Tokens and Referral Program

In addition to WealthBlock’s (https://wealthblock.ai/blockchainsale) ability to advance blockchain technology further into everyday investors’ lives, the company has also developed its own cryptocurrency, the TRIM token. WealthBlock is issuing Trilliam Tokens (TRIM) to facilitate the operation and development of
the WealthBlock.AI community. The Trilliam Token (TRIM) is a payment utility token used on the WealthBlock platform. TRIM tokens can be used to pay fees to WealthBlock for any services offered through the platform (e.g. management fees, service fees, transaction fees, tech fees and more) at a fixed price of $0.2/TRIM.

Through frequent use of the platform, token holders will be the direct beneficiaries of the cost-effective services that WealthBlock will provide, including efficiencies across payments, asset transfer and custody, and dividend reinvestment. TRIM also provides the WealthBlock organization the tools needed to incentivize and grow its ecosystem, thus making token holders and platform users direct beneficiaries.

For a limited time, earn additional TRIM through their referral (https://wealthblock.ai/referral) program and use your TRIM token to pay for all WealthBlock.AI technology fees incurred during investment activities on the platform. Be sure to join WealthBlock’s Telegram Channel (https://t.me/wealthblockai) with thousands of investors from around the world. You’ll also earn 50 TRIM for doing so!

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