Voodoo Alerts Announces Improved Segment Trends Tools, Allowing Web Administrators to Identify and Evaluate Website Segments at a Glance

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Voodoo Alerts has improved the functionality of their user interface, adding improved segment trend tools to give users more insight into effective website monitoring, and alert clients instantly of any abnormality.

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Synthetic tests are wholly reactionary, used to prevent errors from reoccurring where they have already been spotted; conversely, real user monitoring allows users to be proactive in site maintenance, identifying errors on a site long before they occur.

The capability of detailed website monitoring is imperative for web administrators who want to obtain a clear impression of website traffic trends, particularly which of their website segments are converting visitors effectively and which are underperforming. In an effort to bring more accurate website monitoring at a glance, Voodoo Alerts improved their segment trend tools, offering a closer look at a website’s segments without diving headfirst into abyssal and confusing website analytics tools.

Voodoo Alerts offers a complex range of website monitoring tools packaged in a unique and easy to use user interface. With the improvement of the software’s segment trends functionality and usability, along with comprehensive real user monitoring services, the company hopes to gain a significant foothold in the web analytics and performance monitoring field, a field currently dominated by less-effective synthetic website monitoring tools. While real user monitoring provides a real-time look at a website’s traffic trends, on a user-to-user basis, synthetic tests simply ping a websites servers and pages, only confirming total functionality of a website, or run predefined tests which are largely unhelpful in preventative maintenance. Synthetic tests are wholly reactionary, used to prevent errors from reoccurring where they have already been spotted; conversely, real user monitoring allows users to be proactive in site maintenance, identifying errors on a site long before they occur.

Real user monitoring affords web administrators a closer view at exactly which pages and funnels are converting site traffic, providing information that can drastically improve conversion rates and positively alter future web design methodology. Designers can get a truly accurate, up-to-date realization of exactly which pages are effectively converting site traffic, and which are falling short and must be rehabilitated. Synthetic website monitoring, a very popular yet outdated practice, can only run predefined tests, offering much more constricted performance monitoring, allowing only predefined tests and a narrow view of visitor and traffic trends.

Voodoo Alerts is confident that with the improved functionality of its new sector trends view, mixed with a reliable and innovative real user monitoring foundation, the service will capture the segment of the website monitoring market who are disenchanted with ineffective synthetic website monitoring. The Voodoo Alerts dashboard allows users to create custom goals and tracking points, conversion tracking thresholds, and individualized goals for funnels among many other features. But the true bulwark is custom alerts via SMS, email, or any other combination, sending out detailed warnings for underperforming or completely broken sectors, customizable by the user and unique to Voodoo Alerts alone. Users simply set a goal and Voodoo Alerts monitors it continuously for performance, using the intuition of real user monitoring, and alerting the user when goals are under performing, or even over performing. The intrinsic power in knowing, as soon as money is being lost and how it is being done, is what Voodoo Alerts delivers to clients.

Instead of just sampling from enormous stacks of data, like other analytics services, Voodoo Alerts pre-computes all of a client’s data and results, thus, when a client views their analytics from the neatly designed dashboard, it is assuredly intuitive and relevant. Along with advancements in the way large chunks of analytic data is handled, the company has found unique methods to offer Voodoo Alerts at a much lower price point, competing with synthetic website monitoring services on that front as well. Considering the high expenses surrounding data analysis and server management, reducing service cost for a company like Voodoo Alerts is no small feat. The result is a service that offers intrinsically high value, at a more attainable price.

Interested in a 30 day free trial? Visit the official Voodoo Alerts website and sign up today. Sign up is simple. Use a Google Analytics account and instantly see the Voodoo Alerts difference.

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