Weight Loss Surgery Benefits by Bolstered by Research into Bariatric Procedures and Childbirth, Says Dr. Feiz and Associates

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The Southern California weight loss surgery clinic comments on a recent article that the powerful evidence supporting the many benefits of weight loss surgery continues to mount.

The research demonstrates that defeating obesity with the help of a weight-loss procedure is an overall boon to a patient’s health as well as her offspring’s.

An October 16 article on WebMD reported on a recent study finding that obese women who undergo weight loss surgery before becoming pregnant decrease health risks to themselves and their babies. Los Angeles-based weight loss surgery specialists Dr. Feiz and Associates says that the research demonstrates that defeating obesity with the help of a weight-loss procedure is an overall boon to a patient’s health as well as her offspring’s.

The weight loss clinic says it’s no secret that when individuals struggling with obesity lose significant amounts of weight, their overall health and quality of life increases. Common conditions that are linked to obesity include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. The clinic adds that all of these conditions can not only shorten individuals’ life expectancy but also affect the quality in which they are able to live out those years. The problem, of course, is that defeating obesity is a lot easier said than done.

While natural weight loss through proper diet and exercise is theoretically a simple matter of consuming fewer calories than one burns, there are a number of reasons why bariatric surgery appears to be necessary for the large majority of patients to defeat severe obesity. Dr. Feiz and Associates says that one reason involves the reality that obese individuals tend to produce higher amounts of a hormone called ghrelin, which spurs our desire to eat. As dieters begin losing weight, however, it gets worse because the production of the hormone increases ever further – the body is essentially preparing for a famine that is never going to come. The result is nagging feelings that are essentially identical to hunger and very difficult to ignore.

The clinic says that reducing ghrelin production is part of why such procedures as a sleeve gastrectomy have proven so powerful. The original premise of the procedure was simply to reduce the size of the stomach to make overeating uncomfortable and reduce the appetite. Over time, however, it became clear that removing roughly 75%-85% of the stomach also removes the area of the body that might be most responsible for ghrelin production. Thus, patients are discouraged from overeating while being less bothered by the feelings that make them want to overeat in the first place.

Dr. Feiz and Associates note that it’s crucial for prospective patients to realize that undergoing a weight loss procedure will not automatically fix all of their weight-related health issues and they still have to work at changing their relationship with food. The clinic says that with the aid of a weight loss procedure, however, reducing significant amounts of weight through diet becomes much easier to accomplish.

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