New Book Asks Provocative Question: Are All Muslims Crazy or Just Some of Them?

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Author Irfan Alli is pleased to announce the release of his latest eBook ‘What’s Up With Those Crazy Muslims’ and invites readers to find out how crazy Muslims really are.

'What's Up With Those Crazy Muslims' by Irfan Alli

'What’s Up With Those Crazy Muslims]’ by Irfan Alli is a collection of answers to common questions people ask about Islam and Muslims.

It is important for everyone to know what Muslims really think and believe because they live in their neighborhoods. They are teachers at the school, they seek political office, they serve coffee at the local diner, they design and build the houses in which the residents live, and they serve as family doctors. Some of them are also refugees.

What’s Up With Those Crazy Muslims’ by Irfan Alli is a collection of answers to common questions people ask about Islam and Muslims. It is written so agnostics, atheists, bigots, journalists, movie makers, racists, politicians, Christians, Jews, dummies and the common person can sort through the confusion or prejudices with which they view Islam and Muslims and learn what Islam really is.

In ‘What’s Up With Those Crazy Muslims’ readers will learn:
1.    Where Islam and Muslims came from.
2.    If Muslims hate Americans and Europeans.
3.    What is Jihad.
4.    The difference between fundamentalism and terrorism.
5.    If Islam was spread by the sword.
6.    The purpose of life according to Islam.
7.    How Islam view other Prophets.
8.    The names of the 25 Prophets mentioned in the Quran.
9.    What Muslims believe about Jesus.
10.     About Prophet Muhammad, God’s last Prophet.
11.     Why Muslim men can have four wives.
12.     If suicide bombing and the taking of innocent lives is allowed in Islam.
13.     Why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.
14.     What Muslims believe about angels.
15.     That science has no contradictions with the Quran.
16.     If Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile.
17.     How Muslim places of worship differ from those of Christians.
18.     Why Muslim women are so oppressed.
19.     Why Muslims don’t eat pork.
20.     Why Muslims don’t drink alcohol.
21.     How Islam views death.
22.     How the world will be destroyed according to Islam.
23.     Who is converting to Islam.
24.    And much more.

Throughout the book the two sources of Islam’s teachings, namely the Quran and the Hadith, is referenced.

Muslims believe the same angel (Gabriel) that came to prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus also came to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all). Muslims believe that God, through the angel Gabriel, revealed the Quran to Muhammad (peace be upon him) and it is God’s last revelation to mankind.

The Hadith are sayings and practices of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muhammad (peace be upon him) lived during the sixth and seventh centuries. Muslims accept him as God’s last Prophet and Messenger to mankind. The sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) number in the thousands, and cover a variety of topics.

‘What’s Up With Those Crazy Muslims’ is available at and can also be found on Amazon, Kobo, Apple (iTunes), Barnes and Noble, Ingram Digital, Baker and Taylor, Google and many others. It is available in various delivery formats.

About the Author:
Irfan Alli is the author of several eBooks. Among them:

1. 101 Selected Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
2. What are Angels?
3. 101 Selected Sayings of Buddha
4. Enlightenment from the Quran
5. 101 Selected Sayings of Mahatma Gandhi
6. 25 Prophets of Islam
7. 201 Motivational Quotes from Around the World
8. Spouse Trap – Over 200 Questions to Ask Before Saying ‘I do’
9. What Happens After We Die?
10. Family Makeovers
11. 101 Selected Quotes on Making a Difference

His volunteer efforts, professional work and recreational activities have taken him all across Canada, the U.S., Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Guyana, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey, Portugal and Spain. What he has learned from his travels is reflected in his writing. Irfan lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife, four children, and a growing number of grandchildren. His website is

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