When Common Authentication Methods Fail to Protect Your Identity

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Cyber security expert shares identity theft example and how to keep identity and sensitive data secure from unauthorized access—in a new article from Messaging Architects

Authentication Methods
Even security-savvy individuals who use MFA find themselves plagued by hackers with sophisticated technology at their disposal. To protect yourself, take a few minutes to review your cybersecurity practices and find areas for improvement.

Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies Company and cyber security expert, discusses how to prevent identity theft when common authentication methods fail in a new article. The informative article first cites sobering statistics for identity theft in the United States.

The author then shares a recent identity theft example where hackers had hijacked a businessman’s smartphone to get around multi-factor authentication (MFA) protections. He concludes by listing steps to strengthen passwords and prevent SIM-jacking. He also urges readers to use a virtual number, biometrics, and an authentication app to strengthen their identity protection.

“Even security-savvy individuals who use MFA find themselves plagued by hackers with sophisticated technology at their disposal,” stated Greg Smith, Vice President of Services Delivery at Messaging Architects. “To protect yourself, take a few minutes to review your cybersecurity practices and find areas for improvement.”

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “When Common Authentication Methods Fail to Protect Your Identity.”

No One Immune to Identity Theft

“Despite vigilant security habits, a small business owner recently discovered that thieves had stolen his identity. He enrolled in LifeLock but continued to experience problems that even interrupted his ability to do business effectively.”

“Finally, he realized that the thieves had hijacked his smartphone. As a result, authentication texts that should have gone to him actually went to the thieves instead. The multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods meant to protect him, and his business proved insufficient.”

Protect Phone from SIM-jacking

“Hackers can hijack phones in various ways. For instance, a text message that appears to come from a trustworthy source may actually download a malicious app that gives hackers access to the device. Once they have access, they have eyes on all the one-time passcodes (OTPs) sent to your phone number. This allows them to break into social media, bank accounts and more.”

Use a Virtual Number

“For additional protection, give your real phone number only to a few trusted individuals. Use a virtual number for everything else. Various services, such as Digits and Google Voice, allow users to set up a virtual number. The virtual number can forward directly to your phone or connect to your email.”

Move Beyond Common Authentication Methods

Financial losses related to identity theft rose to $2.6 billion in 2019 alone. And cybercriminals have upped the ante with increasingly sophisticated attacks, including account takeovers. Furthermore, when hackers steal individual identities, those identities can potentially deliver access to corporate data.

The cybersecurity experts at Messaging Architects help organizations build a comprehensive cybersecurity program including multiple layers of defense. From detailed risk assessments to dark web scanning, encryption, data loss prevention and more, they help business leaders keep identities and data safe.

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