This Might Be the Most Important Key to Fat Loss, Yet Least Known to the Masses; Randy Johnson of Announces #1 Success Factor

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Randy Johnson of has embarked upon a fat burning epic, and the pictures of his physical transformation are proof of the effectiveness of his employed techniques thus far. Of all the many components to a fruitful fat loss campaign, Johnson emphasizes one, in particular, as the most vital of all, as revealed in an article released today on his website.

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From a starting weight of 195 pounds, Randy Johnson has already lost almost 15 pounds, and his fat continues to simply melt away.

From a starting weight of 195 pounds, Randy Johnson has already lost almost 15 pounds, and his fat continues to simply melt away. Pictures on his website,, corroborate this claim.

Says Johnson, “Even if your daily cardiovascular exercise is simply a morning walk (though more intensity is highly recommended for optimal results), fasted cardio is a trick that can accelerate your fat burn. It's like adding toothpaste to a toothbrush for effectiveness, in a way.”

If you talk to Randy in person, however, he will tell you that fasted cardio (coordinated with a few choice supplements – see below) has been the absolute most important element of his fat loss journey.

Johnson continues his explanation in this way: “The concept is simple. When our body burns calories for energy, it first uses glycogen (glucose stored for energy – most people store way too much). So essentially, any simple or complex sugars in your system will be tapped for fuel before the body burns fat. Now, here's where the simple genius of fasted cardio comes into play – when there is no more glycogen for the body to burn, the body will use FAT for fuel instead!”

According to Randy, the best time for this is in the morning, before breakfast. Presuming a person has not been snacking all night, the body will have processed most/all of the glycogen available for fuel (yes, people burn calories in their sleep). By the time the person wakes up, the body will be low on blood sugars and down to its fatty deposits as energy source. Thusly, fat is literally consumed as the choice fuel during the ensuing exercise session.

If this is difficult to envision, imagine pouring gas into a car. The gasoline is consumed in order to power the engine, and it simply "disappears" as it is used. As a parallel, body fat is literally consumed as fuel for the body when no glycogen is present to power the body through the exercise session.

As an aside, Johnson notes, “By the way, what happens when you try to put 16 gallons of gasoline into a 15 gallon tank? Spillover, right? Same concept applies to excessive and poorly timed nutrients.” In other words, excessive calories are stored as fat.

Whatever a person’s fitness level (or complete lack thereof), fasted cardio can seriously amplify fat burn, immediately.

At the same time, Randy notes, there are certain supplements that play a vital part in conjunction with performing fasted-state workouts. Below are his personal choices (he continues to use all of the below products), along with brief explanation for its necessity.

1. RealDose Nutrition’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1: This supplements acts against the hormones which are most responsible for fatty accumulations – insulin, cortisol, and ghrelin

2. BioTrust Nutrition’s LeptiBurn: This supplement elevates the primary fat-burning hormone, leptin, which naturally decreases during periods of fasting and intense exercise. The effect is that the body is thus prompted, but steady leptin supply, to continue burning fat in any state.

3. BioTrust Nutrition’s BCAAs: Branch Chain Amino Acids are essential to preservation of muscle tissue, especially when exercising in a fasted state. These babies will prevent a catabolic (muscle consuming) condition during combinations of fasted-state workouts, and should be taken before and/or during, or even after the workout session. They also serve building blocks for muscle growth – they are protein precursors.

4. BioTrust Nutriton’s Low Carb (Whey Protein): Sustenance and growth of lean muscle mass may seem unimportant to some people – those who feel like it is a distant second to simply “losing weight”. However, muscle hates fat, and works hard to eliminate it. This doesn’t mean that a person need aspire to stage-ready bodybuilding competition – not even remotely. Quite simply, everyone who aspires to lose fat and keep it off needs sufficient muscle content, and there is nothing better than a good whey protein product to accomplish this.

About Webmaster Randy Johnson has been interested in weight management and fitness for many years now, but for so long had failed to see the forest from the trees. It wasn't until a recent in-the-mirror "jolt" that brought him to the consciousness of his personal failure with nutrition and exercise, as evidenced by the guy in the mirror. Ever since, Johnson has been dedicated to immersing himself in the science and self-activism of staying fit and healthy, and this website is his "journal".

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