Wicksly Produces New Guide on Reuse of Finished Candle Jars

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How the company promotes sustainability and recycling of its signature jars.

Wicksly provides luxury candles that you can receive monthly, straight to your door.

Wicksly has amassed their own collection of used jars and decided to repurpose them as much as possible in the name of sustainability.

Candle boutique Wicksly just released a new informational post with tips and ideas for how users can reuse and recycle their old candle jars. This post offers some information on what to do with the jars from your monthly candle subscription, including how to properly clean them, around the house uses for these jars, or how to use these jars to create brand new candles.

Firstly, the folks at Wicksly described the importance of understanding when a candle is truly burnt out and the time has come to clean it. They say that when there is about half an inch of wax at the jar’s bottom, the jar should be considered finished, as letting it burn too long can make the glass overheat and possibly burn whatever it's resting on. Those who want the most from their candles are encouraged to keep their wick trimmed to a quarter of an inch, and to ensure that the melted wax is evenly pooled in the jar to allow for an even burn. Wicksly says that this even burn maximizes the time your candle has, and maximizes the value you get from it.

As candle connoisseurs themselves, Wicksly has amassed their own collection of used jars and decided to repurpose them as much as possible in the name of sustainability. Interestingly enough they note that the glass is both elegant and designed to withstand hot temperatures, so they note it can be excellent for using as a drinking glass. The makers of the monthly candle subscription also advised storing miscellaneous office supplies in the jaws such as pens, pencils, or paperclips, to keep your office neat and orderly. If you’d rather go green to the fullest extent you can instead use the candle as a planter and place it on a windowsill, so long as the plant doesn’t need drainage through the bottom of its pot.

However before any of that happens you first need to completely clean the jar of any extraneous wax, which is a fairly simple process. After removing the stickers and labels from the container, and possible rubbing off any residue they leave behind, you need to get the wax out. Their first strategy is to freeze the jar in a freezer, which will make the wax easy to remove as a solid chunk using a butter knife. Secondly they advise that you could fill a bowl with very hot water and put the jar in it, getting the wax to detach from the glass and allowing for easy removal. Should you decide to keep the remaining wax you can do so, but either way the jar will need to be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, then completely dried.

With its monthly candle subscription, Wicksly provides members with a luxury candle every month, leading to jars accumulating over time. But, for their members, they have many strategies for making use of them, and getting even more value from the program.

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