Women's Health Coach, Season Winter, Inc Just Announced Her Upcoming Blog Post “What should women ask at doctors appointments?” Coming in December

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Women often put their health and wellness on the back burner, doctors appointments can seem scary and overwhelming. Being prepared with a list of questions may help calm anxiety before walking into an appointment.

In her upcoming blog post, Season Winter Inc gives 10 questions for women to ask their doctors for their Endometriosis appointments.

Going to the doctor can be very scary, especially for young women. Most people freeze up once the doctor walks in the room. Season has compiled a list of questions so women can be prepared for their appointments.

A little about Season Winter

Season Gorny started out as any Long Island girl, she chats about how her childhood was full of fun and laughter. “Most days you could find me outside playing or running around” says Season. She explains that summer has always been her favorite time of year, “I still love the warm weather, the sunshine and the water whether its a pool or the beach”

Even as a young girl Season explains that her mom had always educated and kept her prepared for that day she would “become a woman” and start her menstrual cycle. “I can remember my mom giving me books to read about it, and talking with me.” “She never made me feel like it should be kept a secret or something that needed to be hidden, much like society has done.” Season goes on to explain that she can remember the day as clear as yesterday; “I was 9 years old, I had just been to the school nurse's office for the 3rd time when the nurse decided to call my mom to come and get me because I was having horrible stomach pains.” "Once I got home, I discovered that it wasn’t just a stomach ache, I had just started my first menstrual cycle." “My mom and one of her girlfriends, celebrated with me by giving me my first cup of tea and ordering pizza.” laughs Season. "It was an exciting time, I was a woman."

Over time, Season explains that every month was met with horrible period cramps, nausea, headaches and days missed from school. As she got older, Season started talking to her doctor about the pain she was having. “I remember asking my doctor, what is going on?, and the response was pretty much it was just a normal part of womanhood.” Confused and feeling like it was something more than normal, she keep asking. “ At the age of 33 years old, I was finally told that I may have Endometriosis” says Season “It was a bitter sweet moment, being told that it wasn’t normal was a relief, but hearing the word Endometriosis was scary.” Season talks about how leaving that appointment left her with a ton of questions, concerns and worries. “Had I been prepared with a list of questions prior to my appointment, it would have saved me several trips back and forth to the doctor.”

Here’s a preview of what to except on the upcoming blog post What should women ask at doctors appointments?

What is my diagnosis?
Will I need further testing?
How will this affect my daily living?
What is the treatment plan for me?
What are the side effects of this treatment?

To read more about Season's journey and how she found her passion to become a Women’s Health Coach click here https://seasonwinter.com

Keep a look out for the full blog post coming in December by following Season Winter Inc on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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