Your Belly’s BFF - Meet FRISKA, A New Digestive Health and Wellness Brand Delivering Improved Gut Health Through Digestive Enzyme + Probiotic Blends

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FRISKA delivers next-level digestive enzymes perform vital functions, like breaking down food, eliminating toxins, and even building muscle to amplify healthy habits

“FRISKA’S digestive enzyme supplements not only aid in feeling good but also assist in the prevention and development of various infections by improving your body’s digestive health.”

FRISKA is a new digestive health brand of dietary supplements focused on improving gut health, a key component to overall health and well-being. Based on the insight that 70-80% of your body's immune cells reside in the gut, FRISKA's proprietary blend of digestive enzymes and a clinically-proven probiotic anchor each of the unique formulations. What makes a healthy gut? There’s a lot of pieces to the digestive puzzle – from saliva all the way down to the microbiome. Digestive enzymes are the little-known workhorse that holds everything together. Think of them as your microbiome’s BFF. These enzymes make it possible for our bodies to absorb nutrients, release energy and produce vitamins. Without the right digestive enzyme balance, our bodies can experience gas, bloating and indigestion. While the benefits of probiotics are widely known, the power of enzymes is often overlooked. FRISKA’S proprietary enzyme blend includes potent probiotics, a first within the digestive health category, to help ensure the right enzyme levels for optimum gut health. A healthy gut contains good bacteria and immune cells that ward off infectious agents like bad bacteria, viruses and fungi. A healthy gut also communicates with the brain through nerves and hormones, which helps maintain general good health and well-being.

“FRISKA was inspired by my personal desire to help others improve their health and feel better,” said FRISKA founder John Peine. “After experiencing my own health scare I began researching enzymes and probiotic spores as a way to improve gut health. I spent over a decade in the retail industry so I knew that the solution had to be easy and the product must work." Prior to founding FRISKA, Peine spent 15 years at Target as an executive in their merchandising ranks. "FRISKA was born out of my own belief that good health is for everyone. Whether you are just starting your wellness journey or you are an accomplished wellness warrior, FRISKA will help you feel better along the way.”

FRISKA also enlisted the help of Dr. Gregory Bernstein, an accomplished Gastroenterologist known as the 'Seattle Gut Doctor.’ According to Dr. Bernstein, “Now, more than ever, we are increasingly aware of the essential role of a healthy gut. This includes proper nutrition, a balance of good gut bacteria and optimal digestive enzyme function. Digestive health is key not only in feeling good but also to help prevent the development of various infections by boosting your body’s natural immunity. Additionally, a healthy gut helps prevent and manage a variety of medical conditions, ranging from diabetes to depression and so much more.”

FRISKA is available at CVS Pharmacy,, Whole Foods stores nationwide as well as Amazon, retailing at $29.99. For more information on FRISKA, visit or follow the brand on social @get_friska.

The idea for FRISKA started with founder John Peine’s search for answers to his own health issues and the belief that a healthy gut is key to your health and well-being. What he found was that while the benefits of probiotics are widely known, the power of enzymes is often overlooked. Digestive enzymes are biologically active proteins that perform vital functions, like breaking down food, eliminating toxins, and even building muscle. They also facilitate important chemical reactions in our bodies—think converting carbs to energy. Many digestive enzymes are produced naturally in our bodies with the help of a number of important organs, including the stomach, intestines, pancreas, and liver. However, some healthy people, as well as those with certain medical conditions, may become deficient in these enzymes over time. Some symptoms of this deficiency include diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, and gas. FRISKA’S proprietary enzyme blends help ensure you’re maintaining healthy enzyme levels for optimum gut health. So meet your belly’s new BFF and create healthier habits.

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