ZK Separation Palm Oil Sludge Decanter Centrifuge Delivered to Malaysian Customers

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The solution provided by ZK separation in the palm oil sludge separation process effectively meets the palm oil sludge separation needs of palm oil producers and users. Today, ZK brand 3 phase palm oil sludge separation decanter centrifuge will be delivered to Malaysia.

Palm Oil Sludge Decanter Centrifuge

Palm oil is one of the two most important vegetable oils in the oil market. In the palm oil grinding process, the solid/liquid separation is needed to meet the requirements of the final product. The ZK palm oil decanter can maximize the recovery of oil from sludge underflow or empty fruit bunch liquor from palm oil plants. It can also be used to process fresh palm fruit bunches (FFB) into crude palm oil (CPO).

Advantages of ZK Separation Palm Oil Decanter Centrifuge

Improve palm oil extraction rate, reduce wastewater COD

High efficiency LWS series three-phase centrifuge adopts special water (heavy phase liquid) discharge technology. The extraction rate of palm phase oil can be increased by 10-20% with a separation factor of more than 3000G. At the same time, it can reduce the amount of wastewater and its COD value. For palm oil recovery, ZK three-phase decanter centrifuge has incomparable advantages.

Ingenious, unique and diversified three-phase separation structure

The separation liquid discharge of efficient LWS series three-phase centrifuge adopts two ways, namely gravity discharge and built-in centripetal pump with pressure discharge. The built-in centripetal pump pressure includes liquid layer fixed mode and heavy phase liquid layer online adjustable mode, which can be selected according to the requirements of process conditions.

Light phase liquid layer adjustment technology

LWS series three-phase centrifuge adopts patented technology, which can be adjusted without disassembly.

High dryness screw conveyor and bowl structure

The dehydration of solid particles mainly depends on strong centrifugal force, high-torque screw extrusion force (pushing torque), and ultra-long solid particle dehydration length. ZK Separation centrifuge can generate a centrifugal force of more than 3000G, which is higher than ordinary centrifuges with 30-50% screw pushing torque, bowl dehydration length is 10 ~ 20% longer than the ordinary centrifuge.

Fully automatic control system equipped with CIP cleaning system

The fully automatic control system is equipped with a CIP cleaning system, which can effectively solve the problems of inadequate cleaning and incomplete cleaning during the shutdown process, and can effectively avoid equipment problems caused by human factors.

Application range of ZK palm oil decanter

The ZK palm oil centrifuge can be used in the palm oil sludge treatment process, and can also be used in the production and processing of vegetable oils such as olive oil, avocado oil, and edible oil.

ZK decanter is used in the following processes for palm oil extraction and clarification

Process the crude oil from the liquid outlet of the screw press;
Three-phase separation of oil, water and residue in crude palm oil storage tanks;
Crude oil recovery from waste liquid of palm oil mill.

About ZK Separation

ZK Separation is engaged to provide systematic solutions for solid-liquid separation and dehydration applications. ZK Separation centrifuges have been widely used in environmental protection, food and beverage processing, chemical and mining industries, fermentation and medicine, and oil drilling mud processing.

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