Zoomed Out? Are Online Zoom Meetings Really the New Normal? What if Zoom is Actually a Gateway to Overcoming the Global Angst of COVID-19?

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Wisdom Rock Foundation announced today it is launching the Clear Way Online—radical support for the direct discovery of the peace and happiness that surpasses all understanding. The COVID-19 virus has pulled the rug out from under normal everyday life. Now the reality is sinking in that the virus annihilated our basic freedoms and spontaneity, which is creating global angst as the realization takes root that our lives will not return to anything resembling normal anytime soon. The global fear is growing that maybe life will never be normal again.


The pervasive lie propagated by many satsang teachers is based on the idea that enlightenment or liberation is faster than a finger snap. This shallow perspective is imbued with the false promise of an instant end to fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, and many other forms of suffering.

Even something simple like sitting with friends at a café to enjoy a cup of coffee has been transformed into socially distanced weirdness. The simple act of giving your grandmother a hug is shunned and zoom calls are the only safe way to connect, but the online zoom experience is no replacement for in-person meetings or the simple act of giving a close friend a heartwarming hug.

At this point, the online meeting phenomenon has taken over the world creating the overwhelming feeling of being zoomed out and the pervasive hope that zoom isn't the new normal. The longing for the precious connection of meeting in person has reached a fever pitch worldwide. But what if there is a zoom call that creates a natural connection to an oasis of peace? What if there is a zoom meeting that transcends the limitations imposed by COVID-19?

In the spring of 2014, Wisdom Rock Foundation launched the Clear Way Mastery Course—a unique program that utilizes many different modalities to support the direct discovery of happiness, peace, and love that surpasses all understanding. Based on the sublime teaching of the famous sage Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi this course provides long-term continuous support for your spiritual evolution. In 2012 Kosi recognized what has been called the global satsang movement falls far short of providing the essential context and support necessary for real progress. The cavalier attitude of many satsang teachers combined with the systemic problem of abuse of power and sexual misconduct was the primary catalyst of providing the real tangible support the Clear Way Mastery Course represents.

In a recent interview, Kosi explained, “The Clear Way Mastery Course was actually the result of a vision that occurred in the Philippines in 2012. At the time, and even more poignantly now, it was clear the heartbreaking abuse of power demonstrated by many well-known satsang teachers represents a serious corruption of the teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. After ten years following the teaching coined as 'the spiritual bypass' or 'the fastest route to enlightenment', it was crystal clear that there simply is no quick solution for ending repeating patterns of suffering. The ancient science that provides the essential context and practices necessary to make any real progress were simply non-existent. ”

She continued by emphasizing, “The pervasive lie propagated by many satsang teachers is based on the idea that enlightenment or liberation is faster than a finger snap. This shallow perspective is imbued with the false promise of an instant end to fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, and many other forms of suffering. It ignores the very real effort essential for liberation and tends to trap students in a kind of awakened limbo with no real progress that can prolong suffering for years. The Clear Way smashes this pervasive lie and provides essential support for real tangible progress.”

In May of 2012, after the divinely ordained meeting with Sri Amma Karunamayi, the living saint and avatar prophesized by Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, Kosi realized the science of enlightenment was simply missing from the global satsang movement aptly coined as Neo Advaita. Kosi explains, “Ramana is the code breaker of enlightenment. His teaching is simple, direct, and infinitely deep. The direct immediate quality of his teaching gave rise to the insidious western idea that enlightenment instantly and effortlessly transcends what can be the very intense suffering of life. This immature perspective of his teaching leaves students without the essential context or support required for what can be the arduous process of liberation from the suffering generated by your mind, ego, and genetic mind. The Clear Way takes a radically different approach by providing the scientific context for his teaching as well as the essential support for real tangible progress.”

The Clear Way Mastery Course is usually held at the Lonay Retreat Center nestled in the awe-inspiring Swiss Alps, but one of the great gifts of COVID-19 is this life-changing course is now being offered online for the very first time. The Clear Way represents an evolutionary perspective of the teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi supported by the ancient wisdom and presence of Sri Amma Karunamayi. This revolutionary course is a potent transmission that supports the direct experience of the sublime happiness, peace, and contentment of a living presence that cannot be fully described with words. The ancient secrets contained within this teaching provide an essential context for understanding the science of liberation. It supports the development of the skill essential to break free of the suffering nature of the mind, ego, and the powerful force of genetics, or the genetic mind, that keep patterns of suffering repeating again and again.

The mind naturally swings from one thought to another like a monkey swings from one branch to another. This swinging nature of mind, aptly called 'monkey mind', combined with the tendency to instantly agree with the endless stream of thoughts flowing through the mind is the nature of suffering. The instantaneous agreement with the internal thought stream is what actually generates the roller coaster of emotions that everyone experiences on a daily basis. The great challenge is to recognize that suffering is actually generated by instantly agreeing with the thoughts that constantly roll through the mind. This happens so fast it seems like the constantly changing circumstances and experiences cause all of the emotional ups and downs of life. Seeing through this visceral illusion is the nature of breaking free of the suffering nature of the mind to directly experience the profound bliss of pure awareness (see inset video).

Many different modalities are utilized in the Clear Way to support a radical shift in consciousness from the suffering of the mind to the indescribable happiness of the heart—the support essential for mastery. This course consists of two annual weeklong retreats, monthly online meetings, support directly from Kosi, as well as an online community. It takes time, resolve, perseverance, and the deep commitment essential for mastery. The nature of this teaching requires the maturity to realize this is an evolutionary process that requires a significant commitment. It takes perseverance to overcome deeply engrained patterns of suffering required for what is known as enlightenment, liberation, or moksha.

  • Two Annual Week-Long Retreats
  • Online Community
  • Support Directly from Kosi
  • Online Satsangs for Ongoing Support
  • The Secret Practices Essential for Liberation
  • Many Different Modalities

This course provides the long-term support necessary for mastery—the profound clarity that arises with direct realization. No words exist to describe this clarity or the power of presence that coincides with the deep realizations necessary for mastery. Naturally, with the craziness of life and the constant threat of COVID-19, it can be difficult to make a long-term commitment to anything but to receive the full benefit of this program a minimum of a one-year commitment is essential. Instead of attending both week-long retreats, it is possible to attend either the fall or spring retreat and participate for one year in the online meetings. This provides an opportunity to see if this teaching provides the kind of support that resonates.

The Clear Way is no ordinary zoom call—it is a meeting held in the highest truth that supports anyone who is seeking liberation from the karmic wheel of suffering known as the great wandering of saṃsāra as well as anyone who simply wants to break free of the suffering nature of the mind. This is more than just an online zoom meeting, it is an intimate connection to a group of people devoted to freedom for themselves and others—the Clear Way simply provides long-term continuous support.

The 2020 Fall Retreat of the Clear Way Online Mastery Course begins on Saturday, October 17, 2020, ending on Friday, October 23, 2020. It provides radical support for overcoming the global angst caused by COVID-19 as well as life in general. This is a potent course and not something to be taken lightly. The nature of this journey of self-discovery requires the maturity necessary to intimately examine the uncomfortable aspects mind, ego, and life experiences like the global angst or the global longing to get back to normal life.

What if zoom really is the new normal? Perhaps zoom is actually a gateway to the purest joy, happiness, and contentment. For more information please visit: https://www.wisdomrock.org/the-clear-way

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