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    Ideal Credit Union Promotes Jane Hennen to VP of Marketing

    Ideal Credit Union Promotes Jane Hennen to VP of MarketingJuly 30, 2021Ideal Credit Union's Jane Hennen has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing. In her new position, Hennen will be responsible for the development, implementation, and management of the credit union’s marketing operations and strategic roadmap. She will also oversee the Business Intelligence and Reporting area of the credit union. Hennen has a strong history of leading her team in its success, both in marketing achievements and in accolades earned for community impact and charitable giving.

    New IT Spending Survey Shows Recovery in IT Spending for 2021, Avasant Research Finds

    New IT Spending Survey Shows Recovery in IT Spending for 2021, Avasant Research FindsJuly 29, 2021It is nothing short of a miracle. No, not just the vaccines. Producing a vaccine in a year against a novel virus was a miracle, but the other miracle was reshaping the entire global economy practically overnight. Many organizations went to fully working at home over a weekend. Everything any consumer needed from healthcare to home improvement could be shipped to their doorstep. The economy went digital, and there is no going back. So even where vaccine rollouts are slow and lockdowns are still in place, IT budgets are going up.

    Full-Service Event Production Company Shepard & Interactive Technology Company Popshap Announce Blockbuster Partnership That Will Catapult Events Into The Digital Future

    July 29, 2021Find out what happens when industry leaders team up to provide next-gen technologyJuly 29th, 2021- Popshap is an interactive digital solutions company based in New York City, with a national presence throughout America with locations in Las Vegas, Orlando, New Jersey, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and L.A. A leading force in modern technology, from interactive kiosks, video walls, and custom hardware, to creating interactive software, and digital solutions for trade shows and the world’s leading brands.

    New Website Showcases Before ‘Farm to Table’ Project Discoveries

    New Website Showcases Before ‘Farm to Table’ Project DiscoveriesJuly 29, 2021The Folger Institute’s four-year exploration of early modern foodways and cultures today launches a public website curating the project’s work and activities at The website includes early modern recipes; interactive features examining how food made it from farm to table in an increasingly global marketplace; and recorded panel discussions, essays, and blog posts showing the project’s wide-ranging scholarly research and intersecting interests with food professionals, farmers, bioarcheologists, and a public fascinated by food and its production.