Australia's Black Parrot Music Label Rolls out Major Mid-Summer Releases from Carla Hassett, Mike Patton, Mimi Betinis, The Kind and War Dog Run

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Since appearing on the music scene in early 2013, Black Parrot Music has won attention by introducing an eclectic range of new artists to the forefront as well as bringing long-lost rock, avant-garde and classical masterpieces out from obscurity and long-forgotten archives with remastering for the digital age.

Now, the label affectionately known as BPM, is proud to announce its largest release so far. This next release, featuring tracks remastered by artists including Carla Hassett (who worked alongside Billy Idol & Sergio Mendez), Mike Patton (formerly of Faith No More), and Mimi Betinis (founding guitar and lead vocals of Pezband), goes live tonight on the BPM website.

“These tracks are a labor of love for the musicians and the sound technicians who remaster them”, explained Black Parrot Music. “In some cases these songs are coming out 35 years after they were first sung.”

Superb ReMix of the Carla Hassett & Mike Patton BEATLES cover? Mike has always been irrational towards bands like them. “Like always, it's a daring move,” URB Magazine

With “Is It Real Love” Mimi Betinis says, “I feel that this new track was from the heart for us all – and I’m proud of it beyond means.”

Mike Freeman, Grammy Trustee and original recording engineer for several artists on the latest release, also famous for his work with The Blues Foundation, comments, “The Kind were one of the more underrated pop bands on the Chicago scene during the 1970's. They had great Pop sensibilities and we always hoped that they would rise to greater things. On session, they were a delight and great fun to work with. The Kind deserve a prominent place in Chicago Pop/Power Pop history.”

Chip Altholz comments, “When Ron (Bennet) and I were involved in the production of the Kind song I Wanna Cry with Mike Freeman, we were excited not only because of the integrity of the band and its members but because the melodies and hooks were so strong. When I became aware of the impending re-release, just seeing the song title again after 30+ years, I was instantly able to sing it to myself... amazing how good melodies endure!”

“War dog Run,” the newest offering from powerhouse Producer/Musician Don Polus, relates how he found project creative and singer Stan Skora at a “studio party in the suburbs of Chicago” and realized the tall man had a tale to tell. “War dog Run’s musical style is brilliance cast with soulful vocals and cool guitars,” he comments, “hipster friendly and a twist of romantic western flare”.

Initial reviews of some of the tracks underscore the talent, variety, and unexpected cross-pollinations in this latest release.

  •     A Special Kind – “A sparse, delicate song. Nice Jazzy chords that seem to teeter on the abyss, want to change or stop altogether, accentuate some very heartfelt lyrics, it seems. A departure for this artist…”
  •     Variations Of Julia – “…Beatles covers are always tough to pull off without pandering or going berserk, while the most interesting versions go off script like this track… but this one pulls it off.”
  •     Jody – “Classic NeoWestern so vivid you smelled the leather. I also smell Winston cigarettes and Paper-mâché cacti... Sounds almost like a mix of Leonard Cohen's middle period with Midnight Oil.”
  •     Is It Real Love - … 'mood-changers'… on the now nearly-extinct form of media known as 'albums', would serve to shift the mood from high to low. This song is a pretty tune and does just that, with a slick groove and BOSSO-TECH approach. The production is top notch. I could sit through a whole album of this (again, why it's a good 'mood-changer'). 
  •     I Wanna Cry – “…you don't find yourself clapping along by the second verse you don't have a pulse... Hear it now!”

Highlight tracks include:
“Variations Of Julia,” the John Lennon & Paul McCartney track from The Beatles White Album. This provocative arrangement sung by Carla Hassett (Billy Idol, Sergio Mendez) and Mike Patton (Faith No More) swoons to Bosso-Tech groove like no other.

The sultry “Is It Real Love” comes from the master songsmith Mimi Betinis with a true Wes Montgomery take on a Latin 2/3. Make no mistake - this is a pop track with gallons of groove applied and crafted to slide you into the arms or your love!

Next comes the surprise appearance of the song that goes under the “All But Forgotten” file with “I Wanna Cry” by The Kind. The first release of the original groups debut album, locked down and simmering, this is a culling of Mid-West pop brimming with salacious hooks and tasty harmonies.

Also the Sparse solo piano/voice track “Special Kind” by Stan Skora. This song uses inferred rhythm and alliteration to subtly loft the listener through a retro approach not unlike a Nat King Cole, though the voice is singularly his own.

Arriving finally at “Jody” from “war dog run”. A song as unique as the group's name. Tom-tom driven and cinematic, the story plays to the “Cowboy Sam” generation, long ago lost with Clint Eastwood's overtones. Tribal, questioning and even demanding the listener to recognize the vastness of his and Jody's questions. Does Jody survive?

We think so…

Along with the richness of all the melodies now available, BPM continues to provide the listener with their eclectic blend of world wide, world class aural distillery. independent music, worldwide.

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