CarpenterDev Announces Pilot and Owner Survey Results

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CarpenterDev announces the results of a survey it conducted during the first half of 2014 to identify the need within the General Aviation (GA) pilot and owner community for feature additions desired for popular handhelds and aviation apps that will improve flight safety and convenience.

The results of the survey show that pilots, by a large percentage, want TAS, AoA and DA on their handhelds.

CarpenterDev, LLC announced today the results of its six-month long survey of airplane pilots and owners in the GA community seeking to better understand which features are lacking, but needed, in the handheld devices and apps that pilots depend on for flight assistance. The purpose of the survey was to learn first-hand which handhelds and apps are being used, which airplane types are represented, and which features such as True Air Speed (TAS), Angle-Of-Attack (AoA) and Density Altitude (DA) are most desired and in what order of ranking. Until this survey, it has been unclear what features pilots and owners want. Handhelds for GA use appeared on the scene a little over fifteen years ago from companies such as Magellan, Garmin, and others, offering GPS features. This has grown into handhelds today that not only provide moving map GPS, but also include Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS) features that provide pilots with altitude, attitude, heading, and other flight safety information.

What current handhelds lack are any features that depend on true air data including TAS, AoA and DA. Air data is air temperature, barometric pressure, and dynamic pressures, which are measured as an airplane moves through the air. The FAA does not allow, without a rigorous certification process, products to tie into an airplane pitot-static system. CarpenterDev has developed its own alternate pitot-static system called the Wireless AirData System™ (WADS) that is mounted on airplane wing tips using its FAA certified Aircraft Device Cradle™ (patent pending). When companies integrate the CarpenterDev WADS into their handheld products they can provide true air data features to their customers.

The survey was introduced to approximately 13,000 GA pilots and airplane owners between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2014 during the AOPA Foundation Air Safety Institute's safety seminars held around the USA. The survey contained 11 multiple-choice questions broken down into categories Apps Used by Pilots and Airplane Owner Purchase Decisions. The response rate was over 8%, which is very high for surveys of this type.

The results of the survey show that pilots, by a large percentage, want TAS, AoA and DA on their handhelds. The full survey results are freely available at the CarpenterDev website, but here is a selective sample:

  • 92% of pilots carry a handheld into the cockpit
  • 52% of the handhelds are Apple iPad® devices
  • 19% of the handhelds are Android® devices
  • 85% of pilots use a combination of apps - GPS, Weather, EFIS...
  • 27% of pilots want TAS
  • 27% of pilots want AoA
  • 24% of pilots want DA
  • 66% of respondents own airplanes
  • 24% of respondents own Cessna
  • 13% of respondents own Piper
  • 37% of owners are willing to attach cradles for WADS capability

As an OEM, CarpenterDev does not sell directly to pilots and airplane owners. Instead, it depends on manufacturers that do market to the GA community to integrate the CarpenterDev Wireless AirData System into their products. The survey results confirm the need and the market size, so the next step is for handheld and app manufacturers to move forward with integration.

To help spread the word further, CarpenterDev is kicking off an advertising campaign to pilots and owners that will introduce them to the survey results web page where they will find tweet buttons directed at each of the manufacturers identified in the survey. Tweeting has become an important form of user-to-manufacturer communication, and CarpenterDev hopes to leverage that into action. You can follow #CarpenterDev to keep up with the campaign.

CarpenterDev welcomes inquiries regarding product purchases, co-marketing partnerships, and/or technology licensing.

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