Chemical Methods, Inc. Develops an Innovative Washing Process and Equipment that Generates up to 40% Savings for OEM’s and Parts Manufacturers

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In a competitive global marketplace, OEM’s and parts manufacturers are challenging their suppliers to decrease costs and be more sustainable. In response to this challenge, Chemical Methods, Inc. has developed a unique program that allows manufacturers to blend onsite the cleaners required to remove soils off their production parts and realize dramatic cost savings.

CHEM-MISER™ onsite blending program delivers a dramatic cost reduction up to 40%

Most of Chemical Methods’ customers make parts out of metal. During the production process the metal parts get covered with various organic and inorganic soils. Specialty alkaline or acidic cleaners are used to clean the metal parts after all machining is completed. Chemical Methods, Inc. developed a unique system called CHEM-MISER™ that dramatically reduces the cost manufactures pay for these cleaners.

A typical industrial metal parts cleaner is 40% to 45% water, 40 to 45% commodity chemical, and 10% to 20% specialty components such as surfactants. The CHEM-MISER™ onsite blending program developed by Chemical Methods, Inc. delivers a dramatic cost reduction by unbundling the components of the cleaner. OEM’s and parts manufactures only purchase the 10% to 20% specialty chemical and use their own plant water and low cost commodity chemical to blend onsite.

“Like many innovations, the basic concept behind CHEM-MISER™ is simple. Kool-Aid® is a perfect analogy. Think of the small packet of Kool-Aid® drink mix as your specialty component. You buy the Kool-Aid® and use your own water at home plus your own sugar. The sugar is your commodity ingredient. When you mix a gallon of Kool-Aid® at home your net cost is much lower than if you purchase a gallon jug of drink at the grocery store,” said Bill DiMenna, Vice-President Sales & Marketing at Chemical Methods, Inc.

There is no capital cost involved if the customer signs a contract to purchase specialty chemicals. As part of the agreement, Chemical Methods supplies the CHEM-MISER™ blending equipment. With the blending equipment provided at no cost, the factory enjoys immediate savings of up to 40%.

“For a typical alkaline cleaner liquid caustic is the commodity chemical ingredient. Most people are surprised to learn that liquid caustic and water make up 80% to 90% of an alkaline cleaner,” explained Dan Gaba, Director of Technology for Chemical Methods, Inc.

CHEM-MISER™ also supports energy savings via reduced fuel costs for delivery. “If a factory is currently purchasing 20,000 gallons a year in cleaner they are paying to have a lot of water shipped. Using CHEM-MISER™ they purchase only 2,000 gallons a year of specialty chemical and blend 20,000 gallons onsite using their own plant water and commodity chemical. Many factories already have bulk tanks of liquid caustic commodity in their facilities. The freight savings going from 20,000 gallons to 2,000 gallons is significant,” explained Bill DiMenna.

About Chemical Methods, Inc. - For over 40 years, Chemical Methods has been a leader in developing and marketing innovative cleaners, surface treatment chemicals and metalworking fluids. The company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. More information about the company and its capabilities is available at our web site.

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