Leading Authority on China—Mauldin Economics—Releases New Documentary “China on the Edge” and New Book “A Great Leap Forward?”

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Film and book offer rare and exclusive insights about China, forever changing investors’ views of the world’s number one investment opportunity

China’s future is the entire world’s future, making it one of the most important regions of the world, explains John Mauldin, Chairman of Mauldin Economics.

Recognizing the impact China’s transformation will have on the global economy, Mauldin Economics has premiered its new documentary China on the Edge: Challenges and Opportunities in the Middle Kingdom. The film features a blue-ribbon lineup of 10 leading geopolitical, economic, and investment thinkers—all with deep personal knowledge and important insights on China.

In addition to this groundbreaking documentary, best-selling author, economist, and financial writer John Mauldin and economist Worth Wray handpicked 21 experts to take readers on a fascinating journey through China’s past, present, and future in their new book, A Great Leap Forward? Making Sense of China’s Cooling Credit Boom, Technological Transformation, High Stakes Rebalancing, Geopolitical Rise, and Reserve Currency Dream. Both are available at: http://www.mauldineconomics.com/go/upvwn-2/MEC

Many economists and historians credit Beijing’s central planners for the nation’s transformation from a poor agrarian economy in the 1970s to a space-age industrial dynamo today. Some think an even greater leap forward is coming. Either way, says John Mauldin, China will shake the world.

“China’s future is the entire world’s future, making it one of the most important regions of the world,” Mauldin said. “There are a lot of opinions about what China’s role will be in the global economy going forward, but there’s not a lot of real knowledge about this country. I have assembled the best minds on China to give investors an in-depth look at the history, the politics, and the economy.”

The documentary China on the Edge provides viewers with a balanced, in-depth, insider’s perspective on what is really going on behind the Bamboo Curtain and the implications for investors. It is a story of epochal wealth and profound poverty, astonishing progress and staggering corruption, generational opportunity and earth-ending risk.

China on the Edge is an unparalleled journey into modern China, one that will forever change the way investors view the world’s number one investment opportunity. To watch the documentary free of charge, go to http://www.mauldineconomics.com/go/upvwn-2/MEC

“China took 250 million people from medieval, Stone Age lives and moved them into a modern age. It’s never been done,” Mauldin stated. “The dark side of where China is today is that they fueled all that fabulous growth on debt.”

The all-star cast of experts in China on the Edge consists of:

  • Lacy Hunt, Executive V.P., Hoisington Investment Management
  • Ian Bremmer, Founder & President, Eurasia Group
  • Louis-Vincent Gave, Founding Partner & CEO, Gavekal
  • Bill White, Chairman of the Economic Development and Review Committee, OECD
  • Michael Pettis, Professor of International Finance, Peking University
  • George Friedman, Founder & Chairman, Stratfor
  • Raoul Pal, Former Co-Manager, Hedge Fund Sales-Europe, Goldman Sachs
  • John Mauldin, Chairman, Mauldin Economics
  • Tony Sagami, Mauldin Economics Editor, Yield Shark
  • Vanessa Collette, Tiananmen Square eyewitness

John Mauldin’s book A Great Leap Forward? provides readers with the signs they need to watch for in China’s evolution. Depending on the actions taken by the Chinese government in the coming years, China could become a global powerhouse or it could become the next Japan. The 21 expert contributors take a variety of positions on China’s outcome, identifying what signs of progress will guide investors through the Chinese markets.

In A Great Leap Forward?, Mauldin and Wray continue the Mauldin Economics tradition of making the complex simple. For more information or to purchase the electronic version of the book for $8.99, go to: http://www.mauldineconomics.com/landing/a-great-leap-forward

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