2 The Top Marketing, Inc. Shares How Businesses Can Use Blogging For Powerful Content Marketing

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2 The Top Marketing, Inc. Shares How Businesses Can Use Blogging For Powerful Content Marketing

2 The Top Marketing, Inc., a leading internet marketing agency which provides businesses with outsource marketing solutions, shares insight into how businesses can use Blogging to specific niche audiences to enhance their content marketing strategy. Following this advice can along with a link building campaign can increase web site traffic.

Narrow The Blog's Focus to a Specific Niche

When starting a blog one of the first necessary action items is to focus on a highly targeted niche. Determine what your niche is and the audience you want to reach with what you publish. Writing about too many topics without a focus can make your blog appear disorganized. Here are a few reasons to consider taking a new approach to your blog and orient it towards a specific niche.

Easier To Create Content
Having a set focus allows writers to come up with more ideas for content creation when blogging, even if you are seeking assistance from someone who specializes in outsource marketing. It narrows down the scope of information and allows you to really dive into a specific topic for your content marketing. If you have a passion for a topic, you'll enjoy writing the posts more and have an easier time finding relevant information. Keep your focus and gear the post towards that individual topic instead of trying to cram too much into a single post. Web users search for targeted information and detailed solutions. Search engines reward Blogs with detailed and focused content.

Keep The Same Theme Throughout Your Content
Keeping the focus of your blog in a niche encourages users to browse around. They'll read a post that captures their interest and then be inclined to navigate to other posts on your site. Use similar content topics as pillars to support other articles and inter-link them to create a powerful network of on-topic articles. Google loves Wikipedia because it provides ample information on targeted topics with hundreds of links to similar content. Use the Wikipedia model to your advantage.

Ranking Your Blog Articles
A large part of content marketing is utilizing search engine optimization to grow traffic. SEO allows users to find your content easier when they conduct a search for the topic. Keywords help attract new readers and encourage current visitors to stick around. Search engines rank your content based on quality, length and uniqueness in combination with your choice of keywords and secondary supporting words. Focus on using relevant keywords that convey what your content is trying to say. Limiting the content of the post to a specific topic makes it easier to come up with keywords and capture your ideal audience while giving you more time to create quality content.

Audience Targeting
Traffic to your blog is great, but only if the visitors are looking for the content you're producing. If you're focusing on content marketing for a business in the United States, it might not be very beneficial to attract visitors from overseas who are unable to utilize your information to its fullest capabilities. Niche content narrows down your potential audience and makes it more likely for you to capture the audience you're looking for by blogging. Whether you're using outsource marketing or an in-house creator, you need to have content that is relevant and catchy to truly capture your audience's attention. This is where demographic and persona research comes into play. Pay close attention to the tone and vocabulary used within each market segment. A teenager will use and relate to far different content than a middle aged corporate CEO.

Reduce Writer's Block
Writer's block is definitely a real thing. Often times article ideas are easier to find than you would think. Use current trending topics as the base for your article and find a way to tie that current news even to your client. You don't have to re-create the wheel with each post in order to write timely content. Use sources readily available online to find what Google is already ranking and rewarding Blogs for. This idea of piggy-backing off of current news stories, also known as 'content jacking, is used by many Fortune 500 companies.

About 2 The Top Marketing, Inc.: 2 The Top Marketing is an outsource marketing firm that delivers content to a highly targeted audiences through social media, press releases, Blogging, content syndication, local promotion and search engines.

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