Bosley Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ken Washenik, Appears on The Wellness Hour to Discuss the Latest Technology in Hair Restoration

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Bosley Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ken Washenik, Appears on The Wellness Hour to Discuss the Latest Technology in Hair Restoration

Dr. Ken Washenik, world renowned hair loss expert and Medical Director of Bosley, appears on the The Wellness Hour with Randy Alvarez for an in depth interview on the latest technology in hair restoration being offered at Bosley in 2018. During the interview, Dr. Washenik talks about the Bosley difference as he explains the virtues of Bosley's new non-surgical and surgical hair restoration procedures.

Throughout the show, the question of why men go to Bosley is discussed: "When men come in and they want to do the procedure, do they feel like that more hair is going to make them look younger? Do they think that more hair is going to make them more attractive?" Dr. Washenik explains that Bosley's patients often say that more hair or redistributed hair will make them look younger, healthier, more vital, and more presentable when looking for a job, out on a date, or give them more confidence in both their romantic and business relationships.

Generally speaking, 50 percent of all men and women will experience some level of hair loss by the age of 50. The good news? Hair restoration procedures are more popular now than ever before.  According to the 2017 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) comprehensive industry study, the number of hair restoration procedures has gone up 18% from 2014 to 2016.

"When you see a list of commonly done cosmetic surgery procedures, hair is very high up in that list now. It's something that over time, people have realized, gives them the result they want. It works," shares Dr. Washenik.

With the rising popularity of hair restoration, an example of a modern technique being practiced at Bosley is their trademarked Hair-by-Hair™ Bosley FUE. 

"That's an example of modern technology. A newer way to do hair transplantation is to remove follicle by follicle, follicular unit extraction or FUE. It's very popular with our patients," says Dr. Washenik.

The Bosley FUE is a one day procedure that leaves no linear scar and is virtually undetectable. Additionally, the artistry of Bosley's experienced physicians helps to recreate a totally natural looking hairline.  

Another type of modern treatment option highlighted during the show is TriGen+ with Power Matrix PRP, an increasingly popular non-surgical solution.

"TriGen is a nice combination of a medical approach and a physical approach with low-level laser stimulation of hair growth and then the use of PRP, platelet-rich plasma, and we find the combination is much more potent than any of the individual components, so the sum far exceeds the individual's," says Dr. Washenik.

TriGen+ was launched by Bosley in 2017, and in 2018, Bosley will be introducing new pricing options to help make this solution more affordable than ever before.

Dr. Washenik encourages both men and women to take action as soon as they see their hair noticeably thinning—"Get as much information as you can. I think you'll be really pleasantly surprised at just how good your hair can look."

To make it easy for people dealing with hair loss to take their first step, Bosley offers their free The Complete Book on Hair Restoration.  This new guidebook explains everything you need to know about hair loss and hair restoration solutions.  Specifically showing before and after photos of actual Bosley patients, Bosley's free guidebook allows people to find photos of patients that have a similar hair loss pattern to themselves to see how great their hair can look. Typically, the one regret Bosley hears from their patients is that they did not take action sooner.

"We combine all the medical development, the scientific development, and translate that into an artistic outcome. You want it to be artistically wonderful. You want it to look like a great head of hair and that's what we pride ourselves on at Bosley," says Dr. Washenik.

The Wellness Hour interview with Dr. Ken Washenik began airing nationwide on January 29, 2018. 

About Dr. Ken Washenik

Ken Washenik, M.D., Ph.D., is President and Chief Medical Director of Bosley Medical Group, and former Chief Executive Officer of Aderans Research Institute, a biotechnology firm involved in researching tissue engineered hair follicle neogenesis and cellular based hair restoration.  Dr. Washenik is a past President and a Board member of the North American Hair Research Society and the 2017 President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Washenik, a well-known national and international lecturer, has presented many seminars on hair growth and loss, dermatopharmacology and dermatology-related issues.

About The Wellness Hour

The Wellness Hour with Randy Alvarez is a medical news show that, for over 20 years, has focused on interviewing doctors to inform people about the latest technology on a wide range of topics from health to cosmetic procedures and hair loss.

About Bosley

Bosley is the largest and most proven medical institution specializing in hair restoration in North America. Bosley's surgeons have done more than 300,000 treatments for men and women throughout the country and the world. Bosley has more than 70 locations nationwide.

Media Contact: Andrew Spivak, Bosley, 310-288-4448,

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