CODY Systems' Information-sharing Platform - Available Now to Replace or Revitalize Coplink Systems Across the Nation

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CODY Systems' Information-sharing Platform - Available Now to Replace or Revitalize Coplink Systems Across the Nation

CODY Systems is proud to announce that its Platform is available nationwide to offer Coplink customers two proven alternative paths to future-proof their data-sharing initiatives. Data owners have the option to either  say goodbye to the 'black box' multi-data source analytics tools offered by Coplink (and other similar competitors) OR continue leveraging their investment in Coplink as part of an overall broader data-sharing strategy that can include revitalizing Coplink instead of replacing it.'s unique 'open core' universal real-time data translation architecture and advanced 'one-stop' search/analysis apps, provide agencies and consortiums the freedom to choose which path is best for them, while also simultaneously leveraging the same set of multi-source data via any combination of third party tools they wish to employ - all without custom, costly data integration for each tool (visual analytic tools, geospatial tools, reporting, N-DEx, etc.).

As seen by the recent news of the latest sale of the Coplink system, the public-safety market is looking for a fresh solution that will not, yet again, bind their data-sharing projects to a specific end-user analysis (or any other) tool provider. provides a solution that 'future-proofs' data aggregation and sharing initiatives by providing an independent data core foundation that links in real-time with all desired data sources and is not bound to any proprietary front-end tool (visual analysis, mapping, etc.).  This "Bring Your Own Tools" approach is unique and allows agencies/consortiums to do the multi-source data links ONCE, and leverage these links over and over again to fuel different tools, purposes and missions.

Leveraging the latest in semantic full-text search and big data indexing technology, provides one-stop and blazing fast search to law enforcement sharing networks, fusion centers, anti-fraud units and others, via its C.tac App (browser, iOS, android). Hundreds of millions of structured records and unstructured data content is shared via, including cross-vendor RMS, CAD, JMS, LPR, warrants, citations, incarceration status, case reports, SARs, offender call logs, sensor data, PDFs, Word Documents, Excel files and other data sources across the criminal justice landscape.

Among the 800+ agencies and thousands of users connected by nationwide, one great example of's approach is the Missouri Law Enforcement Data-Exchange (MoDEx) that CODY successfully transitioned from Coplink to's open core foundation. MoDEx shares data from over 300 data sources across the Missouri local/county/state criminal justice community, with multiple tools and outputs all feeding from the unified COBRA core, including unified N-DEx submission, C.tac search, and state-level anti-fraud units.

When asked about the initial replacement of the Coplink program, Theresa Huhn, Project Manager for the MoDEx project, stated that the decision to start with the Coplink analysis system designed solely to ingest data and commingle it in a proprietary data warehouse for use by only that system's end user tool had stalled the project back when it was first initiated. 

 "We were unable to quickly add data types, expand the scope/sources or provide access to the statewide data for different tools and applications," Ms. Huhn commented.   " makes it possible for us to share data from across the state and access it through a one-stop search app or any other analytical tool or app that we want to use," notes Ms. Huhn. "Giving us unified access to that data in a real, meaningful, and actionable way and making it available for other tools and uses is really the difference that brings to the table. In fact, other state-level agencies in Missouri are leveraging the data for cross-referencing and other uses, which just means faster ROI and increased buy-in from stakeholders and users alike."

"The market has been underserved for years by 'Black box' systems, like Coplink, that lock agencies' data in a proprietary format and provide no reasonable pathway to open re-use of their shared data for other missions and tools.  Many installed customers are now looking to either forklift out the black box or find alternatives to unlock the potential in their data without losing their investment in the legacy system," said David Heffner, Executive Vice President of CODY Systems. "'s end-to-end open core solution offers agencies both of these alternatives and other migration options that our competitors don't have the technological means to offer, and with a much higher ROI and lower total cost of ownership." As Mr. Heffner explains, "With COBRA's universal data translator, the system acts as a 'Data United Nations' actively translating any data languages coming in, into any data languages out, simultaneously. This allows our customers to be in total control of their multi-source data in"

 "As we work with Coplink agencies and revitalize other stalled initiatives, the momentum toward a nationwide 'Super COBRA' sharing network is undeniable. We are excited to be on the vanguard of this movement and look forward to partnering with more agencies using Coplink or other legacy sharing/analysis systems," said Mr. Heffner.

Read the MoDEx ' Replacement' Full Case Study:

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