Hope in a Time of Climate Armageddon: The Worlds We Long For

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Hope in a Time of Climate Armageddon: The Worlds We Long For

The Battle for the Black Fen. Moon Willow Press (Coquitlam, British Columbia) 2017.

ISBN: 978-1-927685-24-2

[Birmingham, Michigan]

We are out of our minds with worry that climate warming will eliminate not only whole shorelines and species of plants, insects, birds, animals, and reptiles but human life itself. We human beings, deluded that we can bend the natural world to gratify our every whim, have become global predators and planetary nemeses. This realization is so hard to bear that many deny scientific reality, while others, paralyzed with dread of impending climate doom, take no action whatsoever.  

Enter Eco-Fiction. There are new genres of Cli-Fi and Solar Punk in the science fiction mode, with characters who adapt to climate warming and build new communities; traditional novels with plots based on environmental conflict; and Arcadian descriptions of invented or historical communities in harmony with nature.

Annis Pratt's Infinite Games series, where marsh dwellers fight for their wetlands against developers trying to drain them for agriculture, fits the latter category. Basing her plot on the historical conflict between Fen Tigers and Merchant Adventurers in England (1630-1930), Pratt examines the economic roots of environmental degradation, dramatizing why we act the way we do and how we can do better.

Can fiction really do us any good in a time of climate Armageddon? Stories like Pratt's newly published The Battle for the Black Fen," writes Citizen Scientist Sharman A. Russell, "help us imagine new ways, even as we are entertained by the human drama of characters and plot, war and love. Eco-fiction is a new and important genre in literature." 

Nature writing has always been a way to foster the defense of nature. The world of Pratt's embattled Marshlanders takes readers into verdant wetlands that sustain the soul.  Notes publisher Mary Woodbury.  "The Infinite Games series shares the author's joy in nature's splendor,"

Annis Pratt's quest for The Worlds We Long For is at http://www.annispratt.com. Hers are compellingly plotted adventure novels with appeal for young and old alike. The Marshlanders, Fly Out of the Darkness, The Road to Beaver Mill, and now The Battle for the Black Fen can be purchased at http://www.amazon.com.

Media Contact: Annis Pratt, The Worlds We Long For, 248 644-0737, annis@annispratt.com

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