Usage Based Auto Insurance - Can it Help Drivers Save More?

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Usage Based Auto Insurance - Can it Help Drivers Save More? has released a new blog post explaining the benefits of usage based auto insurance.

Usage based auto insurance is becoming a popular way of determining coverage costs. This type of plan allows insurance agencies to analyze the client's driving patterns and determine car insurance premiums based on how well and safe someone drives. This is done by having a black box installed on the dashboard, at no extra cost.

The black box gives an agency access to a lot of information about how the applicant drives. The black box collects information about the speed at which the car is driven, how often the driver uses the brakes and the hours at which he/she drives. All of these details will have an impact on auto insurance premiums.

How much can it help you save?

Agencies usually advertise 20% discounts and savings with usage-based auto insurance. Many drivers are uncomfortable with the idea of sending data to their agencies, but this type of policy is becoming popular among millenials.  

However, the option is still open to drivers who want to save on auto insurance. It is now possible to get a black-box insurance policy by comparing quotes at The website can help any driver find cheaper insurance because it offers multiple quotes selected from top agencies in any area.

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