Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Press Releases

How do I get started submitting a news release?

First, create a free account or log in to your existing account. Once you are logged in, you will be on the "Get Started" page. Select "Get Started Now", then:

  1. Choose the press release package that's right for you.
  2. Create your news release.
  3. Submit your release for editorial review and distribution.

A few key things to keep in mind:

  • Submit a final version of the release. Edits, particularly post-distribution, may incur fees. 
  • Keep content best practices in mind, including: utilizing multimedia, formatting with bullets and/or numbered lists, and not exceeding 800 words in total length.
  • Schedule your release for a unique time to avoid getting lost during high-traffic times like on the hour or half hour. 

What are the required image specifications, size requirements?

The ideal image specificatoins to use, when uploading multimedia with your next press release, are:  2,700 PX | 300 DPI

The minimum requirement we have, for any image type, is:  800 PX | 72 DPI

Please note, that is 2,700 (down to 800) pixels on the longest side - at least one side, height or length, it does not matter as long as one side hits this requirement.

What is the standard turnaround time for a press release to be distributed?

The default standard turnaround time for a press release to be distributed over the PRWeb netowrk is 24 hours, during the Monday thru Friday U.S. business week. 

You are able to purchase a faster turnarond time via our portal when you are uploading the press release.

Please note, if you are submitting a PR on a Friday afternoon, we will by default distribute the job for you by the following Monday afternoon (Noon Eastern Time).

How does PRWeb help my SEO ranking, help with backlinks?

PRWeb allows hyperlinks to be included in the body of the press release.  We recommend you include 1-3 links total for each press release.  Including more than 3 is sometimes unavoidable, and you will not be penalized for including 3+ by search engines, but in terms of readability and audience experience, 1-3 is the best practice. 

Note, PRWeb automatically applies the "no follow" tag to every web link included.  This is the industry standard, based on feedback directly from Google regarding when the nofollow tag should be applied.  The important takeaway here, the benifit to including hyperlinks in a press release, is to increase potential visibility to your story; continued ROI via a click-through of said included link(s).

Why can't I find my older press releases on / Why are they routing to a 404 error page now?

In Q4 2023 we migrated our site to a new platform -- delivering to the public your press release content in a more engaging manner (both public-facing and behind the scenes HTML coding).  We migrated press releases published over the past 10 years (dating back to July 2013) to enhance site performance and ensure that the content on our site remains relevant and up to date.

Please note, the search function will only populate with releases published in the last 6 months to ensure that users are presented with the most current and relevant news.

Will I incur a fee if I make a change pre-distribution or post-distribution?

Change fees may be applied -- pre- or post-distribution -- depending on the level of package you have purchased.  It is our default service level agreement to charge a small fee for any change requested after the initial upload of the press release by you.  We do this because of the manual work required on our end to insert our editorial team into a workflow meant to be more self-service, a benefit to the PWeb distribution platform.

Reminder:  this is why it's important to always upload the final version, whenever possible, of the press release you would like to distribute.

Fees are applied based, again, on your package level purchased, and will be relayed to you prior to being applied to your account - we will not apply them to your account (invoice) without notifying you prior.

Does PRWeb send content for publicly traded companies?

No.  PRWeb does not distribute content that is sourced to a publicly traded company; nor will it distribute content that mentions any public company stock ticker.  

If you are interested in distributing such content, please visit our PR Newswire membership page, to fill out a new member form and discuss your distribution options with a PRN onboarding specialist.



How do I contact the PRWeb Editorial team?

PRWeb Editorial offers support only via the email address:  [email protected].  This inbox is monitored 24/7, however we prioritize new inquiries based on how critical (timely) the request is; one may not receive a reply up to 24 hours after the email is submitted.